Unleashing Adrenaline: Greatest Formula 1 Overtakes

Pure Adrenaline: The Best Overtakes in Formula 1 History

Overtaking in Formula 1 is a skillful, heart-stopping maneuver that requires precision, courage, and perfect timing. Some overtakes stand the test of time, remembered for their audacity and brilliance. Here are some of the best overtakes in Formula 1 history.

1. Mika Häkkinen on Michael Schumacher, Spa 2000

In one of F1’s most iconic moments, Häkkinen utilized the slipstream from Schumacher and a backmarker to pull off a daring double pass at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

2. Fernando Alonso on Michael Schumacher, Suzuka 2005

At the 130R corner, considered one of the fastest and most dangerous in F1, Alonso showed his sheer courage and skill by overtaking Schumacher on the outside, a move that left fans in awe.

3. Sebastian Vettel on Fernando Alonso, Monza 2011

Taking an audacious line around the outside at the Curva Grande, Vettel overtook Alonso in a move that is still considered one of the best at the high-speed circuit.

4. Lewis Hamilton on Nico Rosberg, Bahrain 2014

In a thrilling wheel-to-wheel duel under the desert lights, Hamilton showed his masterful defensive driving skills to keep Rosberg at bay in one of the most nail-biting battles of modern F1.

5. Max Verstappen on Charles Leclerc, Silverstone 2019

Young talent Verstappen displayed his aggressive driving style and determination when he passed Leclerc around the outside at Club corner, proving his prowess in wheel-to-wheel combat.


These audacious moves encapsulate the skill, courage, and strategic thinking that set Formula 1 drivers apart. They underscore why F1 is considered the pinnacle of motorsport, filled with moments that exhilarate fans worldwide.

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