United Kingdom’s Liberation of Europe – Brexit

United Kingdom’s Liberation of Europe

United Kingdom’s Liberation of Europe. June 23, 2016, will be a day the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland make a choice. That choice is between the accountability of directly elected peers, or being ruled from overseas by foreign non-elected self-interested bureaucrats. The European Union (EU) has specialized in the creation of an uncaring, uncompromising, self-serving bureaucratic nightmare for representative democracies such as the United Kingdom.

The upcoming vote on the EU once again will test the resolve of the British; they are people made of true grit.  Despite numerous attempts to pacify them with political correctness, leftist propaganda and unfounded accusations, your true Brit says no more. Just as our forefathers and our commonwealth brothers and sisters before us took part in the United Kingdom’s liberation of Europe, fought for freedom against all odds and succeeded, June 23 is the day the motherland Great Britain says no more.

United We Stand Divided We Fall – United Kingdom’s Liberation of Europe!

The Anglo-Saxons, Commonwealth cousins and their Celtic brethren say no more, we will not go down without a fight, this is our home, these are our lands, and we believe in Britain. No more will tolerate forced cultural enrichment, no more will we tolerate foreign rule, no more will we tolerate taxation without representation.

Make no mistake, the British love managed migration, Indian Doctors and engineers, Australian businessmen, Nurses from the Philippines, Polish Plumbers and many more net contributors to British society. However, no more will they tolerate the import of crime, non-contributors and people who have no wish or desire to integrate into their society.

The Vote on June 23, 2016, will go down in history, just as Victory in Europe (VE Day) the 8 May 1945 did. Let us hope, in fact, let us pray to any God that is listening, the British, both home and abroad turn out on mass and vote leave.  One major positive the British exit from the EU referendum has demonstrated is the weak and self-serving leadership, thus post Brexit, a force that started as a whisper but is rapidly growing for real, true meaningful reform at home.

United Kingdom’s Liberation of Europe, June 23 2016, will be a glorious day, establishing a new sense of identity, national pride and belief. Britain once again will stand proud, stand firm and lead the world. Listen not to the naysayers, for vested interests are a force unseen, yet powerful, however, what is done in the dark will be brought to the light. Vote leave, believe in yourself and believe in Britain, time to take the power back.

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