Unique Custom Shed Ideas for Extra Storage Space

Sheds are structures many people build in the backyard to create extra storage space for items you don’t want to keep in the house. Additionally, these structures can be used as a workshop to fix cars or create art. And of course, they’re vital on any farm. 

But did you know that you can get custom sheds built to fit your exact needs? 

What most people don’t realize is that a shed is quite versatile. You can use the extra space for all sorts of products or even turn it into an entertainment area. Or do you need covered space for multiple purposes on your farm? One custom structure can do all you need and more!

If you’re looking for unique shed ideas, whether for farm use or at a residential property, then you may find what you’re looking for by scrolling down!

Install Plenty of Shelves and Wall Hangers 

The purpose of a shed is to store all your miscellaneous items that you don’t want lying around your property. However, your extra storage space can quickly become messy and disorganized if you don’t have the proper layout inside. 

Build large shelves where you can store plastic containers, boxes, bags of fertilizer, or tools. Label your containers so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. You can also install wall hangers for bikes, power tools, and garden equipment so they don’t take up floor space. 

Consider Installing a Skylight and Solar Panels 

Sheds will need adequate lighting and warmth during winter, especially if you’re going to turn it into a workshop. If you want to save on electricity, consider installing a skylight so you can use natural light during the day. 

The power generated by solar panels and stored in batteries will also provide electricity in the evenings or if you experience a power outage. 

Create an Outdoor Section to Store Wood

Chopped wood can bring unwanted critters into your home so it’s best to store the wood outdoors. But if you don’t want to get your regular shed dirty inside, plan a separate section to store your wood. 

Although you may not need a lot of space, make sure you can move around inside with ease. You must be able to stack the wood and easily grab pieces from the top of the pile whenever you need to make a fire. 

When winter is over and you no longer need to store wood, you can use the space for other items such as bags of bird seed, fertiliser, and pet food. 

Rubbish Bin Storage Unit 

Use your shed as the ideal place to store your rubbish bins, so they don’t clutter the outdoor area. Of course, you may not want rubbish close to some of your farm or personal items, so you may need to plan a separate unit for this as well. That’s the benefit of acquiring a custom shed! Make full use of the space by storing general outdoor items you want to keep hidden, such as hosepipes or sprinkler parts, as these won’t be affected by the rubbish close by.

Note: a rubbish bin can attract rodents, ants, flies, and cockroaches so make sure you check this area regularly for pest infestations.

Customising the Aesthetics of Your Shed 

When you think of a shed, you may picture a dirty wooden box with a tin roof and no windows. However, the advantage of customising your shed is that you can design it in any way you choose. You can build large structures or a small storage shed and design them to complement the aesthetics of your home. 

Colour the outside of the shed the same colours used on your house. Leading manufacturers make sure to cater for customers’ needs in the form of stylish finishes in many colours!

You can add windows or glass sliding stores if you want a more modern and classy look. This is especially helpful if your shed is also a farm office area where you need to host visitors, clients or suppliers from time to time. 

Add the Right Door for Practicality 

If you have a large shed, then you’ll usually want more than one entrance to the building, for easy access from multiple directions. One of them can be big enough to allow you to store large equipment such as tractors or excavators. For this and other entrances you can pick the type of door most suited for your purpose:

  • Personal access doors
  • Roller doors 
  • Sliding doors 

The best type is often sliding doors because they save space and they’re easy to open. However, roller doors give excellent security. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many shed designs but you’ll benefit from a structure designed with your needs in mind. Use these ideas to guide you in communicating your needs to a shed supplier and obtain a structure with optimal functionality for your farm or other property. 

And if you have more tips for others regarding storage and sheds, please share with us in the comments. 

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