Understanding Hair Health: 6 Tips For Keeping Your Hair Happy

We all understand the importance of keeping healthy and maintaining good habits such as exercise, eating right and getting adequate sleep. These are all fundamental pillars that impact our appearance and energy levels. We know how we look after ourselves will manifest physically and be noticeable to others. If this is true that what about our hair? Will the quality and health of our hair change depending on habits and routines?

There are specific actions we can take daily to improve hair health, and it can be interesting what things can contribute to our hair remaining healthy or degrading over time. The hair follicles in humans respond differently to our skin or organs, so we should look at other methods for its maintenance. This article will give you some tips and strategies to keep your locks as healthy as possible. 

Pay Attention to Your Hair Type

You can listen to all the advice in the world on methods and maintenance, but if you don’t have a fundamental understanding of your hair, then you probably won’t get the desired results. We aren’t all the same, and the same goes for the follicles on your head. It is recommended that you pay attention to your hair type and how your hair responds to specific treatments to tailor an individual routine suitable for you. 

Multiple factors determine your hair type, and all these characteristics play a role in forming the ideal plan for you. The first thing we look at is the share of your hair strands; your strands can be wavy, curly or kinky. Then from these, we can further divide them into more categories. We also look at hair porosity; this refers to the hair’s ability to hold on to moisture in the pores. Generally, people with high porosity will have hair that dries very fast and can become brittle quickly, whereas low porosity hair will be more stubborn and resistant to absorption. 

Use The Right Shampoo

Now that we’ve touched base on individual hair types, it’s probably good to mention the importance of shampoo choice. Just like anything else we consume or put on our skin, we need to be conscious of the products we use on our heads. Many artificial ingredients and additives used in cheaper hair-care brands can cause undesirable results. 

You should start using higher quality shampoo if you want better results because just like bad habits compound over time, so will the harsh ingredients used daily. Look for shampoos that use organic ingredients that are less harsh on your hair; you should avoid petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, phthalates and silicones. There are many options, such as Keune shampoo, which is rich in minerals and supports healthy growth. 

Keep Your Hair Moisturized

As we mentioned earlier, the ability to hold to moisture depends on your hair type, but there are some things we should be doing across the board to ensure healthy levels are maintained. If our hair becomes too dry, it can weaken the strands and brittleness, leading to hair loss. It’s essential to keep on top of this because, over time, we may have irreversible damage to our follicles; luckily, there are many things we can manage to stay on top of the issue. 

The first thing we should do is not shampoo too frequently as this causes dryness; try to keep shampoo use to about 2-3 times weekly unless your hair is considerable dirty. It is also essential for all hair types to use conditioner; this will reduce dryness and restore the essential oils to maintain hair longevity. You should also try not to be rough on the hair during showering and drying. If you have hot showers, this can remove natural oils, and if you dry using hot blow dryers, this will contribute to brittle follicles. Regularly using effective hair loss treatment products, such as Regaine, can help stimulate hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

Improve Diet & Lifestyle

We can address and solve our hair problems with lifestyle intervention. The hair is an extension of our body and often indicates good or poor health. It’s self-evident to see malnourished or sick individuals losing hair or grey. These signs of degradation also happen with age, but the process will be slowed when we implement positive changes. 

The key to hair health is to start with a low-inflammation lifestyle that includes good nutrition, optimized sleep and vigorous exercise. These pillars in health will provide the necessary building blocks for creating more robust and resilient follicles. If you’re impartial to drinking and smoking, it will be good to cut those habits down drastically if you want to protect your hair health. 


We hope this guide has been eye-opening and will make you think differently about how your choices can impact your hair health. It’s common to believe that hair issues can be related to genetics, but this only paints a small part of the picture. Like any aspect of your health, you should look at it holistically for solutions and ways to improve. 

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