The popularity of the Metaverse resides from the moment that Facebook decided to change its corporate name to Meta, that’s when all companies considered the Metaverse as a strategy for investment and promotion of goods and services using a proper Bitcoin trading tips.

The big technology companies are one of the companies that have allocated the most capital to invest in the Metaverse since it will represent the new Web 3.

If we go back a few years, we can realize the evolution that technology equipment has had, be it the case of computers, laptops, and mobile phones where Smartphones are already being analyzed to update their functions to the latest technology available.

Many are betting that this new technology platform will enhance the use of devices following this new virtual reality that is coming under the name of Metaverse, where the profits will be in the millions, and anyone who wants to enter can enjoy these utilities.

The main entrance to the Metaverse is with video games

Although one of the companies that have invested the most money in the Metaverse is Meta, formerly Facebook, there is no doubt that the ideas of this ingenious and creative young Mark Zuckerberg ultimately bring unimaginable results

The Metaverse is considered to be the substitute for mobile internet, all the experiences that are lived in the Metaverse will be enriched solely and exclusively by its users.

Although the Metaverse is expected to be installed in about ten years, because it is still in creation and analysis, it is likely that through 2D games and applications, they can experience a reality close to what the Metaverse will be.

That is why companies dedicated to creating and developing electronic games or e-games swim like a fish in water; consequently, many of their games are already adapted to virtual reality, only without crossing the 3D barrier.

On the other hand, many of these companies are dedicated to designing devices that allow the visual part of the Metaverse to come to life, making it as real as possible when entering this virtual reality.

Some of the video game companies that are already working in the Metaverse are:

  • Roblox
  • Niantic Labs
  • EpicGames

Fashion and entertainment are not far behind.

For fashion and entertainment to enter the Metaverse, for now, it is through e-games, which is why many technology specialists suggest that companies enter this new platform through video games.

Fashion and music have already been present in video game applications that simulate what the Metaverse could bring; consequently, many big brands have already been associated with Metaverse models, where avatars are supposed to dress and get distracted.

That is where the importance for these societies lies in being part of the Metaverse; companies like Nike, Gucci, Vans, and Adidas are just a few in the fashion area that venture into this virtual reality.

There are also food and transportation companies; only they prefer to go little by little creating their images and the various strategies for entering the Metaverse.

Nike is building its universe in the Metaverse called Nikeland, where, like other clothing brands, they create their stores and museums so that avatars like mannequins can try on the created designs and acquire them through purchases with cryptocurrencies.

Fitness also shines in the Metaverse.

Sports and physical conditioning currently represent one of the aspects increasingly involved in human beings’ daily lives.

Taking care of our body, exercising, and having a balanced diet make fitness an element that will undoubtedly attract a more significant number of people interested in personal care through the Metaverse.

Technology has also contributed to people shutting themselves up at home spending hours glued to a computer or mobile device playing, which is unfavorable for health.

So with the Metaverse, they hope to promote exercise through a 3D reality where the person, through their avatars, can exercise in the comfort of their homes and be guided by specialists.


Whether or not we want the Metaverse to reach the world of technology, the impact it will have is undeniable, as well as the multi-million dollar investments behind it.

The logic applied for companies to enter the Metaverse is that, as in the case of real life, many of these brands have required many years to position themselves, when entering the Metaverse they already have positioning and leadership, it only remains to offer goods and services and continue generating Profits.

Kelly W
Kelly W
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