Twitter Users Overwhelmingly Favour Brexit

Twitter users overwhelmingly favour Brexit– A poll on Twitter undertaken utilizing popular hashtags from both In and Out camps, has found an overwhelming majority support Brexit. Final results 3782 votes were cast in the poll, 74% have indicated will be voting to leave the European Union, 19% have indicated they will vote to remain in the European Union and 7% of twitter users are undecided.


Twitter Users Overwhelmingly Favour Brexit

A breakdown of these figures in numbers:

Poll of 3782 Twitter Users

Voting Intention


Vote Leave


Vote Remain


Undecided Voters


The vote leave was rounded down, while the vote remain and undecided voters rounded up to the nearest one. The key word usage throughout the poll aimed to be inclusive of both camps, included in the #Brexit poll where many of the popular hashtags utilized frequently by both camps.

Hashtags Utilized;

  • #Brexit
  • #VoteLeave
  • #VoteRemain
  • #Strongerin

The overwhelming show of support for Brexit is reflective of what many describe as the “man on the street.” A common theme throughout private discussions, has been an overwhelming sense that polls are not reflective of British people outside of London. This is difficult to gauge, due to no scientific method being available to effectively weight the demographics of the participants.

Acknowledgment must be made towards potential bias, as the followers of the polls founder are more possibly more likely to held similar views. Therefore the initial volley of re-tweets would have likely leaned towards the Leave camp. However to ensure a level of balance the utilisation of the  #strongerin would have help rectify the initial imbalance.

Twitter users Overwhelmingly Favour Brexit

What can be said is that this poll finds Twitter users overwhelmingly favour Brexit. The passion, fact finding and support for each other has been a stand out feature of the Vote leave campaign. The team leave are quick to challenge any fear mongering, and would certainly appear to have the momentum. However polls can only tell us so much.  It is every Brit’s duty both home and abroad to turn out on polling day, and vote with your head and your heart.

We stand at the dawn of a new era, this is our time, and our future. A future we must mold into one of prosperity, self-determination and collaboration, together we can build a brighter, better, more welcoming United Kingdom. A Kingdom based on trade, partnership, respect and self-rule.

Let Review some popular opinions on social media from both sides of the argument.

Strongerin with and opinion on why the UK cannot be like other free and self governing nations.

Strongerin talking about the price of flights, it not like any other free and independent nations have budget airlines. Oh wait…..

Vote Leave with a solid argument, a free, less regulated UK will lead to more prosperity and investment in the UK.

The UK is a huge economy, and the world is waiting for our business, less regulation and more trade.

Show of force by the establishment rent a mob, Strongerin once again really make a convincing argument

Vote leave make a very good point!

Twitter Users Overwhelmingly Favour Brexit

For more information on Brexit see:

European Union vs Commonwealth – Comparative Study

Its a big world out there, lets find our place among it. The Uk is a wonderful place, we have a long history and traditions, whatever happens we as a people will survive.

Please Undecided voters take some time, enjoy this cracking movie, huge respect to the makers and truth tellers. Brexit the Movie is a must watch, and a full editorial will be dedicated to the fantastic work soon. For more info and segments of the film visit

Thanks for reading Twitter users overwhelmingly favour Brexit, would love to hear your stories on why you want to vote leave of remain, together lets help the undecided make the right choice. Please comment below, or submit your story here for publication min 300 words.

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