Traveling Limited Budget, Make Some Extra Money

Planning For A Limited Travel In Tight Budget

Traveling is everyone’s bucket list but is commonly crossed out because people think it is not affordable. But do you know that you can fulfill traveling on a limited budget, make some extra money along the way? First, you need to plan, then book a trip, fly or drive to your destination and finally, enjoy! There is a plus in doing this: you got to earn some extra money along the way!

  1. Subscribe to airline websites. Airlines usually post local and international flights on sale once or twice a year. Subscribe on their websites, view their promos regularly and get updates on seat sale! Subscribes are also given bonus points, one of the good perks of traveling on a limited budget, make some extra money.
  2. Plan your trip. There is no other way to fulfill your bucket list but to prepare for it. Here are some tips to plan your trip:
  • Schedule your trip. It is advisable to travel on lean season or off seasons when flights and hotel rates are lower than regular vacation days.
  • Avoid 5-star hotels. Search for hotels with lower accommodation rates. There are affordable bed and breakfasts and inns where you can comfortably spend nights without lashing your budget. You’d just sleep there and tour most of your time so why spend a lot in accommodation?
  • Plan B. Always have a Plan B destination if your initial destination does not work due to cancelled or fully booked flights. You can immediately jump to the next option without ruining your plan.
  • Avoid flexible trips. Flexible trips are oftentimes costly. If possible, stay on fixed-cost trips for you to maximize your time and money while on travel. Flexible trips include cutting trips, which may incur additional costs for accommodation, fares, foods, etc.
  1. Travel in group. There are numerous advantages when you travel in group such as the idea of chipping in for everything. You can rent a transient house or condo instead of checking in a separate hotel room.

Traveling Limited Budget, Make Some Extra Money

Travel has many advantages – one of them is earning extra money while enjoying a relaxing vacation. To travel on a limited budget, make some extra money, you can:

  1. Write a hotel review. Hotels and BnB love to hear how they served you during your trip. You can write them a good review (if you had a nice experience) and earn vouchers and some extra cash for your work!
  2. Write a book. Bring a journal and write a novel when you’re on travel. It is a great escape to write because you are far from the reality where you need to rush to work. Travel relaxes your mind and stimulates your will power to write better.
  3. Share/Publish your photos.Capture the best landscapes, sceneries, and local culture with your personal camera and publish them to an online photograph stores for some cash!
  4. Be a travel blogger. Travel blogging is writing things about the places you visit and encourage other travelers to visit the place, too. If you run a blog, traveling on a limited budget and make some extra money is on your advantage!

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