Travel as a Student: Cheap, Easy Ways to Explore the World

Didn’t you realize there are low-cost options for international travel? Reconsider your thoughts! Travel to Vietnam to experience the exotic Vietnamese coffee, Seychelles to enjoy the sunset at its beaches, Sri Lanka to experience the hidden beauty of nature, or Kenya to get right up close with wildlife.

According to the Wyse Travel Confederation, youth travel is becoming one of the most rapidly rising categories of outbound travel. More than 23% of students, which equals more than one billion visitors, travel worldwide each year.

With our handy tips, you can travel to every part of the planet on an economy budget that suits you, from the islands in Greece to Australia to Africa and back. Traveling is not exclusively for the wealthy anymore.

Travel with your friends

Your BFFs are the best people to enjoy good travel memories with. Your group conversations already have so many chats of creative and exciting ways to become globetrotters, so it may not be a bad idea. Since you can divide the costs among yourselves, this is among the finest ways to reduce costs while traveling. Grab your pals together and start preparing! As for the college essays, you do not need to worry because essay services reviews offer help in your college essays and assignments by connecting you to the right people. Leave your homework to professionals and enjoy traveling with your friends.


Do you dream about visiting the Brazilian coast, but can’t afford hotel accommodation on the seafront? Try Couchsurfing, another cost-effective method to travel. Travelers looking for an affordable vacation rental are greeted by the welcoming locals. These can also advise you about the city’s cheaper gems, like small, underrated restaurants and the good beaches for surfing during the day. You’ll get a wide array of information that you are unlikely to find in traditional accommodation like hotels, saving loads of cash on lodging.

Look up budget-friendly destinations

Affordable should not have to imply “not important seeing”! Many destinations with lesser living expenses can be some of the best destinations to travel to, don’t take the traditional route, and save money. Colombia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, and several other stunning nations are secure, unique, and affordable places to visit, traveling alone or with a crowd. Meals, transit, and lodging are comparatively inexpensive. You can reduce your expenses by traveling here and later when you have the budget. You can spend it on more expensive locations.

Look for social internships abroad

Social internships benefit both the people and environment and your personality. It is the most popular way students want to travel on a budget. Take your cause to the next level by volunteering in another country. You’re likely to find out the best option for you among the many initiatives and causes available. It is not only a unique idea to explore the world, but it’s also a good option for tourists who are on a low budget. While you have to pay a fee to access the program, the cost usually covers your lodging, food, and other expenses.

Look which relatives live abroad

Is your relative a German citizen? If you have a relative who lives overseas, you have the ideal reason to move to them while on your cheap travel journey. You’ll be able to see your relatives while still saving money on luxuries. We speak of free lodging, food, insider information, and your private tour guide. It couldn’t get much nicer than that, could it?

Travel offseason

While planning a trip to Europe during the summertime looks like a fairy tale, if we’re speaking about cost-effective methods to travel all around the globe, you may be well off visiting during off-peak seasons. Based on wherever you’re heading, this generally means the fall season. But, hey, strolling through Prague’s snow-covered alleys will not be half terrible! So, ensure that you do your homework; among some of the easiest methods to travel inexpensively is to travel to a budget vacation spot during seasons that are not busy.


If traveling around the globe has only ever seemed like an unachievable goal, now seems to be the moment to make it a reality. Regardless of their financial situation, everybody needs to travel once in a while. And when we say that it can be achieved with very little money, you may think, mainly if you take this advice.

Aki Zhang
Aki Zhang
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