Top Web Browsers 2016 List With Features

Which Is The Best Web Browser In 2016?

Best web Browsers 2016: There was a time when internet browsing has only two leaders, i.e. Netscape navigator and Internet Explorer. That time has become history. Today, dozens of internet browsers are available in the market competing with each other.

On the whole, these browsers are free to use and can be downloaded easily. Almost all browsers provide similar features with a unique touch. People are aware of Chrome, Firefox and Opera. But there are some great new web browsers in the market like Maxthon and Torch etc. Did I mention about Micorsoft’s new browser Edge?

Users can’t make the decision of choosing best browser. Here I have listed down some best internet browsers with their features. Now it’s your task to make comparison and choose which one suits you best.


Firefox is the best browser in the market on the basis of its features and compatibility. It is a perfect choice for beginners because of its intuitive interface. On the other hand, its latest and advanced features keep pro users attracted to it. FireFox uses the most advanced tabbed browsing technology. The unique thing about FireFox is the add-ons. As FireFox offers a vast range of add-ons. It is constantly evolving to cope up with competitors.


Chrome is another leading internet browser. The best thing about this browser is the Google ecosystem. The user finds it perfect to browse in Google’s own browser. Like Firefox, it offers a variety of apps and browsing features. That makes browsing experience better than before. Chrome has an edge over FireFox in terms of HTML5 loading speed. To be honest, it is difficult to choose between FireFox and Chrome. Moreover, users often consider compatibility with various commercial internet plans, as both browsers may offer different levels of optimization and performance depending on the plan’s specifications.


We all are aware of the fact that IE has never been a favorite browser. In July 2015, Microsoft launched its new latest browser known as Edge. It is entirely different from its older sibling. It seems the company has worked a lot on the bugs bear with IE in the past. That’s why they have presented browser with completely new design and features. The added feature in the browser is Cortana. It allows you to ask the meaning of something you highlight and it is welcomed by users.


Next comes to the list is Opera. In my opinion, Opera is the advance version of IE in terms of its features. It is in race of leading FireFox and Chrome. But right now it did not achieve such level. The only unique feature offered by Opera is Turbo mode.

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