Top Travel Hashtags – Twitter

Top Travel Hashtags – Top 11

Top Travel Hashtags – Anyone who works in digital travel media travel PR or travel blogging might easily assume that the hashtag #ttot or #travel or #rtw is the most popular travel hashtag on Twitter. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find there are lots of trending travel hashtags, not always the ones you might expect.

  1. #travel The basic and popular, hashtag for people on vacation, Use this one and you’re want to see the best places to travel
  2. #traveling  This one gets a lot of attention on both Instagram (3.6 million posts overall) and Twitter (99 posts per hour, based on 1% sample)

      3#traveltuesday These theme tags gets a lot of attention for old photos on Thursdays. And the same holds true for the travellers in the crowd on Tuesdays.

  1. #letsgoeverywhere This is the most important hashtag you’ll find in this article. Why, you ask? It’s the tag you use to get noticed by Skyscanner.
  2. #wanderlust You know that strong desire you have to travel. Yeah, that’s called wanderlust. And a lot of people have it. Heck, they wear it proud with this hashtag of photos from all points on the globe.
  3. #destination You obviously want people to know where you’re vacationing. But it’s really good to get the attention of the places you’re visiting. So if you’re at Sydney you should use # sydney. Same goes for the cities, states, countries you’re in
  5. #TL chat The good folks at Travel & Leisure put together a great chat on Tuesday afternoons that cover everything travel, It’s definitely worth your time to interact with this group online.
  6. #TTOT More Tuesday fun from with Travel Talk Tuesday on Twitter. This chat comes up twice on Tuesdays, so you can always find the conversation on all things travel.
  7. #travelpics If you’ve got some time to play around on Mondays at 3 pm, you can inspire and be inspired by this Twitter chat. It brings everything from great photography to helpful tips on travelling to your fingertips.
  8. #tourismchat This Twitter chat is geared toward the tourism industry, but it’s quite useful for us commoners. You’ll get good pointers on what platforms they’re using for interaction, which means you can probably get some more activity on your posts.  Get to know your Top Travel Hashtags

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