Top Three Attractions in Oxley, Tuggeranong

3 Must See Tourist Attractions to Visit With Your Family in Oxley, Tuggeranong

Oxley is a small tiny suburb just near the outskirts, near the creek Tuggeranong lake. Oxley is a small town in Canberra, Australia located in the Tuggeranong district.

1. Oxley hill

Oxley hill is one of the most popular spots in Oxley for its excellent view from the high top which overlooks the lake and valley. A great place to go for a morning hike and to also be able to watch the sunrise at the same time from above. It’s a view quite like no other.

2. Mckibbin Place Playground

A wonderful yet small-scale park with swings and rides largely covered around the area. Lots of lush greenery and is not very crowded usually so you can go enjoy it by yourself. A great destination for families, you can also have picnics and BBQs and let your kids play around. It’s a beautiful park amidst the village. A great spot to relax and have fun.

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3. Clutterbuck Crescent Playground

Great and fun ambience, definitely a to-go place, there is so much patchy grass area for everyone. Ample space to have a get-together and sit down and eat. It’s a perfect relaxing place minute away from the centre of the city. A vast expanse of a gorgeously maintained park rooted in the centre of the heart of the city.

Fun Fact

Did you know the town was named in memorization after an explorer named John Joseph William Molesworth Oxley? He travelled and explored all around the new south wales.

Fun Fun Fun!

While in Oxley, enjoy the many wildlife views from atop mountain rocks and the viewing tower they have located in different areas. You will be left breathless while here. Is quite a humble little neighbourhood with friendly townspeople. They also have a playing court located not too far, go on over and try it out before you leave.

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