Top Three Attractions in Lyneham, Canberra Central

3 Must See Tourist Places in Lyneham, Canberra Central

Lyneham is a great spot all around. It has easy access to kid’s parks, cafes, shopping, and a variety of green spaces ideal for picnics, sports, or just spending time soaking in the atmosphere. This is a beautiful suburb located on the outskirts of Canberra.

1. Jet Flight Simulator Canberra

Visit Jet Flight Simulator in Canberra and experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Climb aboard the life-size replica cockpit and watch every switch operate just like the real thing! Experience the thrill of flying a jetliner pilot plane to any airport of your choice and with incredibly realistic simulators and surroundings. This is an absolute hidden Gem within Canberra. Don’t miss out on this exciting discovery!

2. Tilley’s Devine Cafe Gallery

This is the perfect place to get a feel of the area and have a good time with good food. Beautifully presented food and lovely staff. Outstanding addition to the cafe sea scene in Lyneham. The kitchen is always busy creating delicious meals and foods. They have extensive choices of meals ranging from mashed potatoes with eggs to smoked salmon to toast and pastries and much more to keep you and your companions happy. This is a stunning cafe with an exceptional atmosphere located within Canberra. You won’t be disappointed!

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3. Thoroughbred Park

Beautiful setting, lots of parking, and various lovely event rooms. This is a great place to watch horse racing. The storyboard shares the little secrets of the area’s history. Lots of seating and it’s a lovely area to bring a group of friends and enjoy. Follow the walking track along the area, and you’ll be wowed by the beautiful views. Thoroughbred Park is a beautiful area with an exceptional atmosphere.

See Lyneham Differently

A day of fun-filled adventure is waiting for you here in Lyneham. So when you’re over here don’t forget to visit these top three destinations! You’ll regret not coming here. Many restaurants and exciting places allow you to rest your mind and let you go through your stay at ease also!

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