Top Three Attractions in Hume, Jerrabomberra

Must See Tourist Attractions in Hume, Jerrabomberra

Hume has much to offer. Hume is known for its mouth-watering dishes and meals served in marvellous restaurants! Hume has extensive greenery with many intriguing views and activities to get you started!.

1. Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing

A place for all ages! Each wall and route you take is different, and every wall is an extra level of difficulty. Friendly staff, well-maintained facility, and an enjoyable time. The team are always down to earth and eager to help. If you like trying out new things or experience new activities, the Canberra indoor rock climbing venue should definitely be listed down on your bucket list!

2. West Jerrabomberra Nature Reserve Bio Site

The nature reserve is known for having the best area for walking, cycling, and many more. West Jerrabomberra Nature Reserve Bio Site is a beautiful area with an exceptional atmosphere. Witness the stunningly realistic panorama and views of the West Jerrabomberra Nature Reserve Bio Site. Follow the walking track along the area, and you’ll be wowed by the beautiful views. Lots of seating, and it’s a lovely quiet area.

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3. Hume Cafe and Takeaway

Great value, old fashioned takeaway, and fabulous food. This is definitely a place worth the visit! Great selections of beverages, food, and excellent services. The menu has endless options. This is an absolute hidden gem in the suburb. The delightful eclectic decor, superb beverages, sensational food, and the most friendly staff are always ready to provide the best of everything knocking it out of the park!

Did You Know?

Mugga Lane Solar Park is a photovoltaic solar power station at Hume in the ACT. The Mugga Lane Solar Park uses sheep for grass and weed control under the soar panels.

See Hume Differently

The family-friendly suburb is filled with many beautiful views and sensational food to boost your energy. Are you looking for a nature-filled place with various fun activities to relax and enjoy? Then Hume is the perfect fit!

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