Top Three Attractions in Greenway, Tuggeranong


3 Must See Tourist Attractions to Visit With Your Family in Greenway, Tuggeranong

Greenway boasts a variety of fun activities and amazing features. Greenway boasts a variety of superb views and a variety of exciting history and unique public art. From beautiful sceneries to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with people who know it the best! It has a great community vibe and makes it the town’s most significant asset!

1. Zone Bowling Tuggeranong

This is a great chance for a day out for promise rides, sideshows, food, stage, and many more exciting activities! Canberra’s leading amusement center, located near the cinema at Greenway Tuggeranong, includes various fun activities such as the latest games, dodgems, ten-pin bowling, laser tags, and many more. You can have a party or enjoy yourselves here!


  • Ten-pin bowling
  • Arcade
  • Parties hosting
  • Sitting areas
  • Restaurant available inside
  • Gaming area

2. Two Before Ten Greenway

Outstanding addition to the cafe sea scene in Tuggeranong. The kitchen is always busy creating delicious meals and foods. They have extensive choices of meals ranging from mashed beetroot with eggs and sourdough to smoked salmon omelette and much more to keep you and your companions satisfied. This is a beautiful cafe with an exceptional atmosphere located on the Southside.

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3. Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Embracing the valley’s broad array of fine arts, the arts centre showcases a vibrant program of activities ranging from community artists, dynamic youth programs, cultural awareness, art gallery, and much more! The centre never fails to hit it out of the park. If you love new experiences and activities, the Tuggeranong Arts Centre should definitely be on top of your list


  • Concerts
  • Art gallery
  • Exhibitions
  • Dancing stages
  • Programs

Fun Fact

The Tuggeranong Arts Centre was built in 1998, making it over 20 years since it was formed!

Did You Know?

The suburb is named after an architect named Francis Greenway, who came to Australia as a convict in 1814. Interestingly, he is the only convict in the world who has ever been represented on the currency.

Is Visiting Greenway Worth It!

Close to nature, near the cities, in a splendid area of calmness and fun activities, Greenway has plenty to offer. One of the most desirable suburbs of Canberra, Greenway has excellent options for shopping, outdoor activities, and culture. The suburb has many attractions and is perfect for enjoying and relaxing. When it comes to Tuggeranong’s suburbs, Greenway takes the spotlight!

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