Top Three Attractions in Downer, Canberra Central


3 Major Tourist Attractions You Can Enjoy With Your Friends in Downer, Canberra Central

Close to nature, near the cities, in a splendid green setting in the outskirts of Canberra Central, surrounded by beautiful nature parks, and boasting museums and cafes on every corner, Symonston has plenty to offer. When it comes to Canberra Central’s suburbs, Downer takes the lead!

1. Gang Gang Cafe and Bar

An awesome little gem within Downer. The cafe itself is nice with rustic decorations and spacious outdoor and indoor dining options. Great value, old fashioned takeaway, and fabulous food. This is definitely a place worth the visit! Great selections of beverages, food, and excellent services. The delightful eclectic decor, superb beverages, sensational food, and the most friendly staff are always ready to provide the best of everything knocking it out of the park!

2. Melba Street Park

Melba Street Park is known for having the best area for walking, cycling, and many more. Melba Street Park is a beautiful area with an exceptional atmosphere. Witness the stunningly realistic panorama and views of Melba Street Park. Follow the walking track along the area, and you’ll be wowed by the beautiful views. Lots of seating, and it’s a lovely quiet area.

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3.Berry Street Playground

A gorgeous hidden treasure. The skies are like chords of soft light speared down from above, bathing its surface in gold. The sensational feel and atmosphere make it the perfect place to take a couple of strolls on. The community garden is one of Downer’s most acceptable assets!

See Downer Differently

Downer is a small but beautiful tourist destination that is definitely worth the visit. The suburb can seem to be a bit of a mystery to the people of Canberra. It’s not a suburb that most people would often drive through or stumble across. But you might just be surprised to find out how much this beautiful land has to offer!

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