Top Three Attractions in Chifley, Woden Valley

3 Best Tourist Attractions in Chifley, Woden Valley

Chifley is a small suburb town located in Canberra, Australia located in the Woden Valley district. It’s a good place to go with your family as they have plenty of parks to go on strolls and kid entertainment centers.

1. A Bite to Eat

This is a small creative local cafe in Chifley with a courtyard to enjoy a nice sip of coffee in the morning. Their food is to die for, they are known for their delicious food menu with healthy options and is a great place for all ages. Super kid-friendly and dog are friendly. You should definitely not forget to stop by here if you ever come to Chifley.

2. Warehouse Circus

If you have children you should unquestionably drop them here during the holiday program where they are free to learn skills and perform with skilled trainers from the youth circus organization. Of Course, adults are allowed to. Super fun activities to earn with an enthusiastic friendly environment. Warehouse circus provides circus classes with the necessary facilities. Don’t forget to stop by here if you are looking for heaps of fun with one of the most fantastic crew there is.

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3. Paintings by Maureen Caelli

While on your outing you should drop by paintings by Maureen Caelli and see some of her best and latest creative works. You can witness some of her unique and lively creations in person in her gallery. You can also purchase some of her greatest paint works for yourself to take home and put them up on your wall for decor when guests come over to view in your living room.

See Chifley Differently

Chifley is a really lively and charismatic little quaint neighbourhood you shouldn’t miss out on with retro-chic activities filled with fun with a friendly atmosphere, the suburb is definitely worth the visit.

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