Top 10 Most Dangerous Murderers In Australia

10 Most Dangerous Murderers In Australia

Throughout its history, Australia has seen the worst psychopaths and serial killers. These aptly called “monsters” brought terror as they murdered and brutalised their victims. Typically, they find pleasure and gratification in doing this. Now, you will meet the ten most dangerous murderers in Australia.

1. The “Claremont Serial Killer”

From 1996 to 1997, Perth residents feared that a serial killer was among them. Claremont, a zone for the rich in the state, became the highlight for three abductions and murders. It began on January 27, 1996. That night, an eighteen-year-old woman named Sarah Spiers became missing. (Her body is still not found.) Five months later, Ciara Glennon disappeared, only to be seen dead in the bushland. In April the following year, the corpse of Jane Rimmer, a lawyer, was found.

The police suspected that a serial killer was behind these cases, so the news described the unknown suspect as the “Claremont Serial Killer.”

Finally, they found, arrested, and put this murderer on trial in 2016, thirty years after the disappearance of Sarah Spiers. Bradley Robert Edwards got sentenced to life imprisonment on December 23, 2020.

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2. Peter Norris Dupas

Peter Norris Dupas spent three decades committing violence and rape, with each offense worsening after serving his sentence. He terrorised Melbourne during the 80s and 90s, but his evilness would consume him into a serial killer. After raping his victims, he would mangle them with a knife and cut off their breasts.

Even after getting caught and put on trial, Peter Norris Dupas showed no regret or remorse for his serial murders. He will rot in jail, convicted with three life sentences.

3. Kathleen Folbigg

In 2003, Kathleen Folbigg got arrested for killing her three babies. At first, people believed that they passed away due to sudden infant death syndrome. But his husband reported her to the police after reading Kathleen’s diary, where she narrated how their children died. But Kathleen Folbigg insists that they died naturally.

The New South Wales government held an inquiry in 2019, and studies about the subject maintain that Kathleen Folbigg killed her children. However, the case remains controversial. They claim that the babies died due to genetic anomalies.

4. David and Catherine Birnie

David and his partner, Catherine, collaborated to abuse and murder four women in 1986. Their fifth (and last) victim escaped and reported them to the police. The couple looked for women to abuse. Once they found one, they offered them a free ride. Sadly, their prey felt safe since Catherine was with them. But disaster would soon follow. David and Catherine would bring her to their house. There, David would rape their abductee while Catherine watched.

David killed himself while facing four life sentences in jail in 2005. Meanwhile, Catherine is still imprisoned, without any chance for parole or release.

5. William MacDonald

Called the “Mutilator,” William MacDonald is among the worst serial killers Australia ever had. From 1961 to 1962, he would call impoverished men into dark alleys and brutally stab their heads and necks with butcher knives. Then, he would cut off their genitals.

William MacDonald got caught by the police while he worked as a railway station porter in Melbourne in 1963. But he served his life sentence until 2015 when he died at age 90. He got the record for spending the most years in an Australian prison.

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6. Leonard Fraser

Leonard Fraser stayed in prison for twenty years because of sexual offenses. But instead of changing his ways as he got freed, he became a serial rapist and killer. His victims include a nine-year-old girl and a cancer patient. After murdering them, Leonard Fraser took their trophies and cut their ponytails. (The police found these at his house.) Worse, the three ponytails he displayed in his home do not match his known victims.

7. Thomas Jefferies

During the bushranging era, Thomas Jefferies got deported from Dorset to Tasmania. He got feared throughout Australia for his violence, brutality, and even cannibalism. He and his gang murdered and robbed over six people, aside from raping women. Among their victims were a constable and an infant.

Ultimately, Thomas Jefferies received the death penalty. He got hanged in 1826.

8. John Wayne Glover

John Wayne Glover worked as a pie salesman. But his infamous rampage as “The Granny Killer” struck horror in the people of Sydney from 1989 to 1990. He would sneak around a nursing home, hit an old woman’s head with a hammer, remove her pantyhose, and strangle her neck with it.

He tried to kill himself after getting invited to a police interview, and he confirmed his desire to kill old women in the suicide note. But after failing, John Wayne Glover tried to murder another woman. Fortunately, he got caught by the police before that.

John Wayne Glover got convicted with many life imprisonment sentences. He died by hanging himself in 2005.

9. Ivan Milat

Ivan Milat remains one of the most infamous names in Australia. This serial killer killed seven hitchhikers in New South Wales from 1989 to 1992. Authorities believe that he would accept them into his car, drive into the Belanglo State Forest, and brutally murder them. The “Backpacker Murder” even chopped the head of one of his female victims! Aside from this, he robbed them.

The authorities suspected Ivan Milat since his neighbors suspect him of his love of guns. But the police finally confirmed their theory when an English traveler named Paul Onions fled from Ivan Milat’s car. Paul Onions said that Ivan Milat tried to rob him. He had no idea of what he fortunately escaped!

The police raided his house, finding rifle components that matched evidence from the murdered victims. They also saw things that Ivan stole from them. Ivan Milat spent his remaining years in prison. He passed away in 2019 because of cancer.

10. The “Snowtown Killers”

During the 80s, four men in Adelaide murdered eleven people throughout the city. The serial killers sawed the bodies and threw them in barrels.  They believed that their victims were sexual deviants and child molesters.

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