Top Seven Cryptocurrencies and their Features

Over the years, people are looking forward to trading and investing in bitcoin. It is due to the high-value return generation capacity of bitcoin’s market, and another thing is it is the only crypto coin to sustain the market with high demands over years. But besides the successful profit of bitcoins, there is so much scope for investors to invest in several other crypto coins that are becoming successful in the volatile market and leveraging digital seamlessness to the greatest extent. 

Cryptocurrency has a large market with the inventions of volatile altcoins and less volatile stablecoins appropriate for new investors. With the launching of Bitcoin, the world of the digital platform was first time introduced in cryptocurrency. Later, following the features of the blockchain used in the bitcoin network, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies were created. Though there are several crypto coins introduced, growing popularity and increasing values determine the rank of the cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto coins are popular for their low transaction costs. At the same time, less time is required for generating compared to bitcoin. Other vital features of these cryptocurrencies are high protection, and security provided through blockchains. Bitcoin has a high market capitalization from being the oldest, most demanded, and most traded digital coin. It has high values, it ranks at the top with a high user base. Transaction, buying, and selling of goods are carried out by Bitcoins worldwide. But apart from it, the leading cryptocurrencies are:

After the booming success of bitcoin, Ethereum was introduced into the world of cryptocurrency. It is the second leading crypto coin. Similar to bitcoin ETH is a decentralized software platform in which ether is the actual native cryptocurrency. Smart contracts and the Decentralized application are the main features. It has high blockchain safety and security, that avoids scams and fraud. The functions are built without downtime making the transaction faster. 

  • Tether

In 2014, tether was launched, it is a stablecoin that has no price fluctuations. Cryptocurrency allows swift and faster transactions. It is tied to the prices of the US dollar. Therefore, it enables carrying out the transfer from crypto coins to fiat currency faster and more easily. Tether can be transferred to the US dollar in less time. Comparing to other crypto coins making it the most preferable for users. 

  • XRP

Ripple’s XRP was launched in 2012, being one of the youngest has grabbed the attention of crypto traders. It is a ripple native token that was developed as a payment system, with a ledger mechanism. The XRP token can be converted to the currency of the required choice. It is the reason that XRP is popular worldwide. In less time, the money transfer is done into any currency. Therefore, it is the reason XRP is considered an alternative working on all crypto exchanges. So many banks worldwide also use XRP for fast international transactions.

  • Binance USD

The coin was developed as a stablecoin and is pegged to the USD dollar. It is regulated by the US department of financial services has increased its demands on crypto users. The highest market capitalization record of Binance USD was observed in 2022. It was $20.5 billion with the trading, while it was trading at just $1 per coin.

  • Avalanche

The main reason to look for cryptocurrency is the high returns on profit. Apart from it enjoying fast and efficient transactions. With the launching of the Avalanche, it has been easy and faster to make transactions through the help and access of three specific networks. It is also a blockchain platform crypto that has enabled faster and more efficient transactions through Avalanche.

  • Dogecoin

Another alternative to Bitcoin was a meme coin, Dogecoin. Dogecoin was created in 2013, as an experiment to develop through the blockchain program intending to create a cryptocurrency that can answer the speculators who were doubtful of the potential of bitcoin after it was innovated. It has suddenly observed a rise, it has gained a high value and demand in the market. The market capitalization in 2022 September, was $7.9 billion. Its value of it was less than $0.06, now it stands among the top ten cryptocurrencies. 

  • Cardano

Over years of experiments, another altcoin Cardano was invented. It is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that works with Defi. It traded with a price value of $0.47 and had a market capitalization of %15.9 in 2022. It is still adapting to the Defi applications with adaptive features of the PoS consensus model. 


When new users are looking for alternate options apart from bitcoin. Above are the top cryptocurrencies that anyone can choose for trading. 

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