Top Gift Ideas That Every Dad Secretly Wants

Buying your loved ones a gift is an excellent way to express your feelings for them. Nothing says love, either platonic, romantic or familial, quite like a lovely gift. Think back to receiving a gift from a loved one – it’s a particular feeling, isn’t it? There’s something special about unwrapping a gift to see what someone has given you and put thought into. 


You can give gifts on special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s days or at Christmas. And sometimes it is nice to give a gift on a regular day, just to show that you care.


In this article, we’ll share some top gifts for Aussie dads, focusing on what every dad secretly wants as a gift. Read on to discover more.


Beer or Spirits


Most dads enjoy a drink. Whether at the end of a long work day, on the weekend with friends and family or as a nightcap after a night out. You can’t go wrong with giving dad a slab of beer or a bottle of his preferred spirits. You should know what your dad’s tastes are.


If your dad has given up the booze or is doing a dry July or Feb fast, you can still get him a tasty drink. There are more palatable zero-alcohol beers and spirits on the market than ever before, so dad can still knock back a drink without the guilt.


Eau de Toilette or Parfum


Most dads love to smell great and often have a collection of preferred scents they can splash on for a night out or as they head off to work. Your dad may have certain types of colognes that he prefers – such as woody, smoky or tobacco type of scents. Buy dad an eau de toilette or parfum that will make him smell a million bucks. He’ll secretly love it! 


BBQ Tools and Supplies


What dad worth their salt doesn’t love a good fry-up? If your dad feels at home with the tongs in hand and the BBQ cooking, get him some tools, accessories and supplies to help him in his quest for the perfectly grilled steak.


Your dad may need a new set of tongs and other BBQ tools. Or he could use some cleaning products. Another great idea is a set of salts, rubs and other condiments he can use to spice up the next big BBQ bash.


Tickets to the Game


If your dad is a mad sports fan, you can’t go wrong with some tickets to the next game, so you can go together. Depending on what state your dad is from, he may prefer rugby, AFL or even soccer. You’ll know his team, so grab the tickets and head along with him to celebrate a win or commiserate a loss. 


A Book Voucher


If dad is a bookworm, he will always be looking for a new read. You can’t go wrong with a book voucher for him. If he has a preferred local bookstore, then grab one from there. Otherwise, an online bookstore is the next best thing. A voucher is good because he can research what he wants to read next and buy it, rather than buying a book that he may or may not enjoy.


Socks and Jocks


Now, despite what you may believe, your dad may actually genuinely appreciate this as a gift. Socks and underwear tend to fray and wear out and tear as they are clothing worn so frequently. Your dad may need new pairs of each, so this gift may be perfect. Depending on the season, you could get lightweight socks or thick cotton ones for summer and winter, respectively.


A Streaming Subscription


If your dad is a big film buff or loves his TV, then you could buy him a yearly subscription to a streaming service. You have plenty of choices here – between Netflix, Stan, Binge, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus. Each has benefits and drawbacks. For instance, Binge tends to have hit HBO series, which dad may enjoy, whereas Stan and Netflix probably fare better for films. 


Hot Sauce


Does your dad fancy himself a bit of a masochist when it comes to spicy sauces and foods? If so, a few bottles of hot sauce could be a gift he secretly craves. There are plenty of boutique hot sauces on the market for you to buy for him – and the heat levels vary, depending on dad’s personal preferences.


A Generous Conclusion


In this article, we’ve shared some top gift ideas that every dad secretly wants. From BBQ equipment to book vouchers, streaming subscriptions and hot sauce, most dads will absolutely love these gifts. Hopefully, this list should help you narrow down a few choices for a gift, and you can rest assured that what you choose will put a smile on dad’s dial. 

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