Top 5 Wedding Locations In Perth

Choosing the perfect wedding location is one of the most important decisions you will make during the wedding planning process. There are many things to consider when selecting a venue, including budget, size, amenities, and location.


If you’re looking for the perfect wedding location in Perth, you’ll be spoiled for choice. It is a beautiful city with many unique wedding locations to choose from. Whether you are looking for a traditional church ceremony or a more modern outdoor setting, there is sure to be a perfect location for your big day.


Here are some of the most popular wedding locations in Perth:


Swan Valley

The first ultimate wedding destination in Perth is Swan Valley. Swan Valley is the home of over 40 world-class wineries and vineyards, such as The Vines Resort, that’s an excellent place for winery weddings. Winery weddings are the most popular wedding theme nowadays. It provides a rustic vibe and gives you and your guests a chance to be closer to nature.


Although a winery wedding already offers a great background, it’s also a perfect chance to put your personal touch on your wedding as it’s an excellent canvas for any theme you prefer.


Apart from being a great wedding destination, Swan Valley also offers a lot of adventures and beautiful sceneries, making it a honeymoon-ready wedding destination. You can opt to take the walking trails where you’ll get to appreciate nature. Enjoy the wildflowers, river views, and the waterfall as you walk through the trail.


Additionally, you can also enjoy a cruise along the Swan river. You can choose to take on a full day or a half-day cruise. Wine-tasting while cruising is also a thing on the Swan Valley cruise. What are you waiting for? Start planning your unforgettable wedding at Swan Valley.


Margaret River

The Margaret River Region is one of the most sought-after locations for destination weddings in Western Australia. It’s understandable why because you’ll discover the ideal wedding venue there, whether you’re looking for sweeping vistas, a cozy and charming farmhouse wedding, or a lavish vineyard wedding.


When planning an outdoor wedding, Margaret River provides you with various options. While you can enjoy the sunshine, Margaret River still has gentle temperatures that are comfortable for your lavish celebration. And let’s say you want a small-scale ceremony. The region will demonstrate why spring is a great wedding season in that scenario.


Kings Park

Due to its lovely surroundings and breathtaking views of Perth City and the Swan River, Kings Park and Botanic Garden make a perfect venue for weddings. The wishing well, the water garden, and one of the numerous pavilions are just a few popular locations for wedding ceremonies. The grounds also contain several fountains and bridges.


The location is an excellent clean canvas for your ultimate wedding theme. You can play with your ideas and the already fantastic surrounding of Kings Park and come out with the best wedding theme. However, Kings Park is more suitable for a sophisticated modern-day wedding.


Cable Beach Broome

The number one reason why Broome is an ultimate wedding destination in Australia is because of its weather. The area is blessed with a subtropical climate, so even if South Australia is hibernating, Broome can still offer sunny yet comfortable weather for your outdoor wedding.


Additionally, Cable Beach Broome is a popular holiday destination. So, marrying there would give your guests a chance to witness your exchange of vows and the beautiful places they can visit while they are within the vicinity.


One of the essential parts of a wedding is the photographs. And capturing a beautiful image will always give you the best memories of your special day. Cable Beach Broome offers a natural and scenic background for wedding photoshoots. You don’t need to look hard for the best spot to take your wedding photo because you will be surrounded by fantastic scenery. Remember, nature’s backdrop is the best background for a beautiful wedding.


Rottnest Island

Are you craving a paradise wedding? Rottnest Island is the best location for such weddings. It’s a popular holiday destination in Australia and offers an impressive natural backdrop for your magical moment. Bookings for ceremonies can be made at one of the lovely island locations, the quaint Catholic Church or Anglican Chapel.


Meanwhile, for the wedding reception, you can choose from one of the location’s reception venues, such as the Pinky’s Beach Club and Geordie Bay Cafe and Art Gallery. No matter what venue you choose, you can be assured that you will have the best moment of life at Rottnest Island.


Choose the Best Location

Your wedding will be the talk of the town if you choose one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Perth. Your wedding is your special day, and you should make the best memories out of that event. These mentioned locations will ensure that you will have the best wedding experience in your life.

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