Top 5 Unavoidable Makeup Tips For Black Women

Top 5 unavoidable makeup tips for black women:- Having dark skin isn’t sign of bad luck at all as dark skin women have more attraction than white skin women. Simply don’t waste your time in searching makeup tips to get whiten skin tone or at least looks & feels lighter than actual but you can try these top 5 unavoidable makeup tips for black women to have shiny skin with your natural skin tone popping out.

Top 5 Makeup Tips For Black Women

1- Choose Right Shades Face Powder

Ensure you have right shades face powders collection according to your skin tone. Don’t forget to powder your dark skin to have beautiful shine looks.

2- Playing With Different Eye Shades

Black women have to face much hard time to choose which eye-shadow color is going to rock for them according to their dark skin tone. If you’re not sure which eye shade will work perfect, you can opt hobby of playing with eyeshadow colors such as trying different shades in different styles to discover which suits you best. This makeup tip is very important and at same time it will be full time fun to play with cool colors.

3- Don’t Go For Frosty Shades Of Lipstick

Black women should avoid frosty shades of lipsticks as such colors won’t give you beautiful look but will dim your skin beauty too. While some richer colors will highlight your lips and will give you attractive looks & feels.

4- Blushes For Darker Skin

Black women can opt deeper brown and bricks red shades of blushes for their dark skin as best makeup tip. Blush is one of the most essential piece for any makeup bag and there is no excuse for even darker skin tone women to not use blush.

5- Higher Quality – Better Makeup (Love your skin)

One of the greatest makeup tip is that love your skin tone no matter if it is dark, use high quality makeup for long lasting beautiful makeover. Maybelline is one of the recommended brand due to its superb quality however you can choose any other brand too but always give preference to quality over low prices and feel the difference.

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Author Notes On Unavoidable Makeup Tips For Black Women

Last but not least never forget your eyebrows no matter what skin tone you have. It’s your choice that if you are tweezing eyebrows in arch shape or using eyebrows pencil to highlight your eyebrows shape but ensure you are not forgetting eyebrows.

However, there are plenty of unavoidable makeup tips for black women but these were few as checklist to mark done before going out. Keep in mind you’re beautiful!

Now it’s your turn to share your makeup tips in below comments.

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