Top 5 Richest Film Stars in the World

Richest Stars in the World at the Moment

Are you curious who the richest actresses in the world are? Here’s your answer. Our article presents to you the Top 5 Richest Actresses in the World.

Not only have these women made their mark in the industry, but they have also earned a place in the hearts of their fans. We have listed the Top 5 Richest Actresses along with their net worth here.

1. Dina Merrill

Net Worth: $5 Billion

Dina Merrill, a socialite, and philanthropist with a net worth of $5 billion is the richest actress in history. Merrill owes much of her fortune to the fact that she is the only child of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the Post Cereal heiress. Throughout her career, she also achieved success on stage, on television, and the big screen, appearing in more than 20 films.

2. Jami Gertz

Net Worth: $3 Billion

She is an actress and philanthropist whose net worth is $3 billion, largely because of her marriage to billionaire Tony Ressler, co-founder of Ares Management and former owner of the Milwaukee Brewers. In the 1980s, Gertz appeared in movies such as Square Pegs, Family Ties, Sixteen Candles, and The Lost Boys.

Later, she took a break from performing and relocated to France to work as a perfume designer for Lanvin.

3. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Net Worth: $500 Million

The Olsen twins are among the world’s richest actors because of their $500 million combined net worth. They are now award-winning fashion designers and co-creative directors for the Italian shoe company Superga.

4. Jessica Alba

Net Worth: $350 Million

Jessica Alba is an actress, model, and businesswoman. She has appeared in a variety of movies, including Fantastic Four, Dark Angel, and Good Luck Chuck. She is estimated to have a net worth of 350 million dollars. The Honest Company, a nontoxic household products start-up, was founded by her in 2011.

5. Julia Roberts

Net Worth: $250 Million

The Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts made her mark in Hollywood with roles in movies such as “Steel Magnolias,” “Pretty Woman,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” and “Erin Brockovich.” Her role in “Erin Brockovich” made her the first actress to earn a salary that high.

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