Top 5 Most Exciting Businesses Australia 2023


Top 5 Exciting Businesses Australia 2023

Australia is home to numerous start-up businesses, making the country’s economy and trading more exciting than ever. The dawn of Internet services also opens a great advantage and opportunity to business goers to establish their own. Among the booming industries in the country are:

  • mobile application development
  • graphic design businesses
  • fashion industry
  • online consultancy for law and finance
  • freight and delivery
  • online shopping
  • printing and design business

We scouted for the top 5 of the most exciting startup businesses in the country for this year. The following businesses have been in their respective industries in less than 5 years but they made a huge development. Here are some of what we got.

Eora 3D- Exciting Businesses Australia 2023

Eora is one of the starting businesses in 3D printing. As it started, it continues to change the game in the manufacturing industry. With the growing needs for printed materials, Eora 3D has innovated the process, materials, and products for their clients. This Sydney-based starter has made close to $600,000 and now eyeing for $100,000 revenue from printing on the 3D scanner.

Canva – Exciting Businesses Australia 2023

This is another startup business in the field of graphic design. It started in 2012 and now enjoys 5 million customers. In 2015, it managed to raise $21 million from their huge investors. It ventures on different designs – from the simplest and plain designs to the most eccentric and complicated ones – as preferred by their clients.

Pocketbook – Exciting Businesses Australia 2023

This is an online personal finance service that helps clients to organise their income, expenses and budget. One of the cool features of this service is that it brings you the consolidated your financial statements – from your savings bank account down to your credit card expenses.

So if you want to track your income versus your expenses and you want it in an organised way, you can seek the help of Pocketbook services.

Invoice2Go – Exciting Businesses Australia 2016

If you are into trading business, this start-up business is suited to you. This is a mobile application that allows clients like you to manage your invoices online. Since its establishment, Invoice2Go has managed to double its income. This can be attributed to the fast-growing small business in the country, too. Currently, it has more than 200,000 business clients who manage and send the invoices at estimated 1 million in a month.

HerFashionBox – Exciting Businesses Australia 2016

If you love shopping and you hate going to stores or too busy to drive to fashion boutiques to check the latest styles in fashion, then you can check out HerFashionBox. It is a monthly online subscription service that allows clients to shop online for their fashion needs such as clothing, shoes, and accessories. HerFashionBox estimated to send more than 30,000 boxes of fashion goods to its customers in the last year.

Start-up businesses are usually the most exciting part for business owners. This is because they tend to be hands-on even with the small details of the business – from hiring staff to balancing income and expenses. Good thing Australia has a healthy economy for start-up businesses, no matter how small or big they are.

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