Top 5 Cryptocurrency Documentaries To Watch Today

There is nothing like a good documentary, and we will almost get the surreal part of the movie. This is a unique process of showing stories in a cinematic way and also brings in touch with real-life sequences. 


The process of getting in touch with entertainment, in reality, is documentary. We all want to watch movies and TV shows and spend hours on entertainment purposes. What about using this entertainment purpose in an enthusiastic way? 


The purpose of this article is to consider the documentaries that are included with Cryptocurrency aspects. We are dealing with a busy daily life, and we only have very little time to focus on our entertainment. 


That’s why we need to ensure that we are going to focus on the entertainment purposes that can encourage us or can help us to deal with our life’s purposes better than before. In short, we will focus on something new and something which will focus on our development of knowledge as well. 

Top Cryptocurrency Documentaries To Watch

Let’s check the best Cryptocurrency documentaries that you can keep on your watchlist for the next week. If you have enough enthusiasm, you will be able to watch all of those easily as quickly as possible. After that, if you feel that Crypto is your cup of tea, then you also can go for it through the BitAlpha AI platform

1. Bitcoin — Shape The Future

If you want to know about the Chinese concept of Bitcoin and if you are enthusiastic about their point of view on sharing the landscape of Bitcoin, then you definitely need to go for it. 


Companies like Bitmain and Huobi are considered in this documentary, and you will get a better idea about their Crypto space and its existence. 

2. Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It

This is a very inspiring documentary and is also considered a long age of money. It can be seen as the bildungsroman of money as it covers the ancient age to the current age of money, including its discovery and potential and true concepts. 


It also covered the concept of Bitcoin in the modern age to let us understand the importance of digital currency in our future. The film won the 2015 Special Jury Prize at the Amsterdam film festival. 

3. The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin

This is different and tells you the story of a Bitcoin enthusiast, David Mross. David Mross is a computer engineer and also an enthusiast who came to know about Bitcoin in 2011. Since then, he and his brother started to create documentaries to let people understand the concept of Bitcoin. 


He has interviewed Bitcoin advocates and entrepreneurs like Mark Karpeles, Erik Voorhees, and Charlie Shrem to make his documentary more attractive and real. 

4. Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble

If you want to experience the intricate world of Crypto, it’s a must-watch for you. List it and set the reminder on your device to watch this sweet and short documentary of 35 minutes.


It mainly covers the important questions of the Crypto critiques and elaborates on the substance of bitcoin through every answer. We all are aware of the bubble that Bitcoin possesses in the market, but we do not know how we can get the solution, and this documentary is thus for you. 

5. Banking On Bitcoin

If you want to experience the potential and technology behind Bitcoin, you will need to consider this documentary. Among other documentaries, this documentary is probably the most popular due to its Netflix status, but it truly justifies its popularity. 


The root of advanced technology behind Bitcoin and its other hidden aspects you will know in this documentary. In addition, you will also get a chance to meet some early masters of Crypto, and that will help to increase your enthusiasm for Bitcoin. 

To Conclude 

Bitcoin is something which can be called the future of this world in terms of finance. We do not know if it is going to provide us with the expected profit as we think, but it is sure that Bitcoin is going to play long. 


So, it’s your time to jump into Crypto and before that, jump onto these documentaries to get adequate knowledge about Cryptocurrency.

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