Top 5 Conspiracy Theories that Won’t Die in 2023

These 5 Hard To Believe Conspiracy Theories that Won’t Die in 2023

Some conspiracy theories are just immortal.

They live on and on, and there’s never enough evidence to kill them.

Then there’s obscurity, which drives conspiracy theories. Especially modern ones, which affect the economy right now…

We’ll talk about those theories below. And we’ll discuss why they won’t die in 2023.

(1) Hitler Escaped Germany

Hitler’s true remains were never found after he “committed suicide.”

Instead, rumours claim that he went to South America. And he wasn’t alone when he went there…

He had many of his generals, and many Nazi empathisers coming along too.

Many people assume the Nazis went to Argentine. And this justifies the large German community there, made up of almost 3.5 million Germans.

But does that mean Hitler escaped there? We don’t know…

(2) Bitcoin

It’s one of the world’s most volatile currencies.

And it’s one rife with conspiracy theories too. No one knows who made it. And a little understand how it’s truly operated…

But what we do know is that it’s slowly replacing fiat currencies. And that Western governments are adapting to that.

Still, the origins of Bitcoin are somewhat obscure. And this leads too much speculation on its purposes.

For example, is it a Ponzi scheme? Or is it something made by globalist people to rob lower classes of their money?

Or is it genuine…

Nobody knows. Only time will tell…

(3) 9/11 as an Inside Job.

It’s another conspiracy theory that won’t die.

Few believe that the US air space could be so easily invaded by terrorists. But it was, and the consequences were what we saw…

Thousands dying in a tragedy 17 years ago.

Still, there are a lot who claim that there’s physical evidence that supports an inside ob. For example, the idea that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams…

Or the fact that Larry Silverstein got a massive insurance payout from the tragedy. In addition to how he “timely” skipped his regular breakfast there on 9/11…

There’s evidence that seems compelling. But at the same time, coincidences do happen.

(4) The Holocaust Didn’t Happen…

A very invalid conspiracy theory.

You can’t exactly deny the killing of 6 million Jews. After all, Hitler was a known anti-Semite…

Additionally, 6 million is a hard number to falsify. And it’s a very big body count indeed.

Most Holocaust deniers don’t do so seriously though. It’s more of a spite thing, as a way of pushing back against a “Jew-dominated world.”

(5) Obama is a Muslim Who Wasn’t US Born.

We saved the stupidest for last.

While he did claim that he was a Christian, many believe he was lying. In fact, a lot believed he was the anti-Christ at first…

But hey, we believe that theory started to lose ground after he killed Bin-Laden.

Still, as for the US born-part, we can thank President Trump for that. He was insistent enough that Obama shows his long-form birth certificate (which he eventually did).

That’s All for Now…

You know, there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. And many have a great degree of validity.

We’ve decided to mention some of the more pressing theories out there. You can do research on your own time, and see what you come up with!

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