Top 5 Books to Read in 2023 Essential Books for Year List

Top 5 Books You Should Read in 2023

Top 5 Books to Read in 2023 The book world is a big one. And there are many books to read, not just in 2023.

But 2023 will be an odd year. You see, the past few years have been unstable for the West.

There’s been tons of back and forth in politics. There’s been a lot of social changes and debates going on…

They’re changing the way our societies are, with regards to many topics. From free speech and conservatism to radical parties and dealing with Islamism.

And we think you should read books that speak to those changes.

So below, we’ll mention the top 5 books to read in 2023! Check them all out, and enjoy exploring them all!

(1) 12 Rules for Life – Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson is a controversial figure, and a role model to many today.

His large popularity stems from his balanced and centrist approach to life. He neither identifies as a right or left winger. You could simply consider him his own party…

But most importantly, he’s famous for criticising University culture, while being a proponent for free speech.

In addition to being a disciplinarian figure – something that many youth seem to miss from their lives.

You’ll see that approach in his 12 rules of life book. It’s a guide designed to help people clean up chaos in their lives. And it aids them in creating order for optimal productivity.

If you need a self-development book, this is the one to read.

(2) Fear – Dirk Kurbjuweit

OK, let’s move away from self-development for a second.

This is a fictional story, describing how a happy family’s life falls apart due to a stalker. Not only is it thrilling to read. But it’s also extremely symbolic…

It really touches on people’s fear of the unknown. And specifically fear of tomorrow, and the emergencies and struggles that come along.

It really echoes the changes of our times. We don’t know where we’re going socially or politically…

It’s as if, we’re being haunted by an unpredictable future.

So we recommend this book for reads. But do note, it’s not something to read up on before bed. Nor does it make a good bed-time story…

(3) Things That Matter: Charles Krauthammer

The author of the book just passed away last June. So a moment of silence for him.

It’s an excellent book. And it’s one written by a famous New York columnist, with strong ties to the White House.

Want a book that summaries the past 3 decades in a nutshell? Well, this is the book to read…

You see, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of info online. It’s easy to totally forget the past, and just ingest information non-stop…

Which leads to fruitless speculation on the future.

But this book is a piece of fresh air. Here, Charles Krauthammer shares essays written through his past 30 years.

They discuss everything from racial politics, to drone use, to entitlement laws, and even America’s waning power.

It gives a reader perspective. And it’s the grounding you need if you want to properly speculate on the future.

(4) Jeff Bezos: The Force Behind the Brand – JR MacGregor.

There’s no book better than one that analyses successful people. And this is one of them…

Here, Jeff Bezos is the target analysis. And we all know him as the billionaire who made and currently runs Amazon.

But there’s something you should know about Bezos. This is a man who works like a horse. His life is optimised for efficiency.

And that efficiency came with a lot of struggle.

If you want to learn more about Bezos’ approach to business, keep reading. It’ll inspire tons of productivity in you. It’ll inspire you with grit to manage a startup business.

And it just might be a business lifesaver!

(5) Debating to Win Arguments: R.L. Greene.

An excellent book on debating. And trust us, it’s something you’ll do a lot from now on.

After all, you must have some social or political opinions that you’re holding onto. And you’ve got to learn how to expand on and protect them.

This book will help you. It teaches you the correct way to approach a verbal spar, using proper logic.

It teaches you that most of all, debating is a skill. It’s not a talent form where you go out there and wing it.

When learning to debate, you’ve got to practice non-stop.

Final Word.

We can make this list longer. But for real, 5 books is still a lot to read…

With proper analysis, each book should take you a month to finish. And with proper application, most of those books will last you a lifetime.

We think that’s a handful for now. But always stay tuned for excellent books on the market!

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