Top 5 Books To Learn About Bitcoin

Blockchain technology is a new and disruptive technology. It is slowly revolutionising the financial and technology sector. In the present scenario, we are surrounded by several opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies.

If you want to be part of the cryptocurrency revolution, then you need to learn about Cryptocurrency.

You’ll find several online platforms to learn more about Cryptocurrencies. One such website is the ethereum code.

This platform helps you get more information when making trade decisions.

In this blog, however, we shall explore five great books that can help you understand the rising importance and eccentricity of this new technology.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos – Mastering Bitcoin

Published in 2014, this is a good book to find out more about the digital currency market.

It explains how people are using virtual currency to buy and sell products without the use of physical currency. In the book, the author gives detailed information on how the system works and explains how people can use it.

“Gold-Silver Offering – A Beginner’s Guide” provides information on what Bitcoin is and what criteria need to be met before investing.

It also addresses various questions put forward by individuals who are interested in investing in it but are confused about its concept and purpose.

Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar – Cryptoassets

This book was written by a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who has also invested in Bitcoin alongside many others.

Written with the typical investor in mind, the book is magnificently written, shedding light on the many pros and cons associated with blockchain technology and its surrounding market.

With this said, we can give it a five-star rating. One interesting fact about this book is its detailed anthology on the history of the Crypto industry. This unveils several facts that can be new to all Crypto enthusiasts.

Phil Champagne – The Book Of Satoshi

The Book of Satoshi is an excellent first-person account that explores the world of bitcoin and its mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

This is a really interesting book because it explores the world of Crypto and the various technical terms that go along with it. Getting into its early history and the mystery revolving around Bitcoin, The Book of Satoshi talks about the potential implications of Bitcoin in the modern fintech landscape.

It explores the currency’s economic potential and implications. This book also includes an original white paper by Nakamoto. This whitepaper is reputed to have launched the bitcoin revolution.

Abraham K. White- Cryptocurrency

This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to get involved in the cryptocurrency world. It is a comprehensive look at what cryptocurrencies are and how cryptocurrencies work.

This book, released in October of 2017, explains how to mine for cryptocurrencies, how to trade them, and how to invest in them. The guide also discusses many lesser known cryptocurrencies that have the potential to increase significantly in value over time.

Christian Newman- Bitcoin From Beginner to Expert  

The two most important things which matter the most when you are planning to get into the world of Cryptocurrency are Safety. This is precisely what this book will deliver for you.

In “Bitcoin From Beginner To Expert”, you will get everything from your first steps of investing to advanced Crypto mining.

In the world of Cryptocurrency, this could be your holy bible from beginning to end. Apart from this, this book will also give you meaningful insights on how to make better Crypto decisions if you are serious about earning a fortune from Cryptocurrency in the long run.


In this article, we’ve offered as much information as possible about the books that you can read to learn more about Cryptocurrency as a whole. However, remember, they can only help you understand about the world of Crypto itself and nothing else.

Hence, if you want to know more about trading and all, you should opt for a website based on that segment too. This way, you’ll get to know more about the tutorials regarding the same. So, it’ll be easier for you to pave your path to trading and start working accordingly.

In any case, now, we’ll be concluding this article. If you want to know or suggest something, don’t forget to comment below. We’ll help you out as soon as possible.

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