Top 5 Best Books like Reason to Breathe

Reason to Breathe

Emma Thomas would prefer not to be seen at all in the affluent town of Weslyn, Connecticut, where most people worry about what to wear and who to be seen with. She cares more about appearing beautiful; she rolls up her sleeves to hide the bumps because she doesn’t want anyone to see how imperfect her life actually is. She finds love in a way she didn’t anticipate. At the risk of disclosing the dreadful secret she is desperately trying to keep hidden, it forces her to confront her self-worth.

Author: Rebecca Donovan

Here are our personal top picks of other good romance books like Reason to Breathe that will surely get you hooked. Hope you’ll find a good fit to your taste!

(1) The Cursed Series

Being the only witness to a terrible incident, Lana is forced to choose between protecting her companions and allowing a monster to go free. She is sent to a boarding school for juvenile offenders because of the coverup, where everyone has something to conceal. One of them is adamant about speaking up.

Author: Rebecca Donovan

(2) Barely Breathing

Her secret life is now public knowledge, making her tormentor unable to harm her. However, for some, that night still haunts them. Despite the fading of the bruises, the scars and the dread endure. When she can hardly breathe, how will she retake her life?

Author: Rebecca Donovan


(3) Broken

Mama didn’t return. Daddy enjoyed hitting. Brothers did the same. I took off running. I left that life behind. I hid myself and fled. I came across him. The fact that I have no prior knowledge of the game board we are using makes this a dangerous game. My heart might fall into the fire he’s lit inside of me if I make the wrong move. Even worse, it might bring my history to his door, tainting this floor with more than just my blood. I ought to leave. I had to leave.

Author: Ellie Messe

(4) Beautiful Broken Rules

Emerson Moore’s parents taught her the most important life lesson: don’t become overly attached to anyone. This hard-partying college girl adheres to her own code of propriety in the bedroom and avoids spending an extended amount of time with one particular man. She enjoys the benefits of having a good time without the complications of a romantic relationship. What does it matter if she has a certain reputation on campus due to her frat house hopping? This way, at least, nobody is wounded, especially not her.

Author: Kimberly Lauren

(5) Fighting For Air

Three years ago, the man of Aubrey Pierce’s dreams turned her life into a nightmare, shattering her. Aubrey, who is battered and damaged, takes to mixed martial arts, finding solace in the discipline as she starts to put herself back together. As soon as she sets foot on stable ground, she starts working out in a new gym with a new trainer. This man has a past that is equally as sinister as hers, and there is just the right amount of sexual tension to keep things interesting. Can I love again? is a difficult question that many survivors of domestic abuse must face. Aubrey is running on coffee and trust concerns.

Author:Taylor McNiff

Best Books to Read Like Reason to Breathe

That was fast! I hope the above books give you the excitement to grab the book of your choice. If you find Reason to Breathe interesting, the other four books will provide the same thrill!

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