Top 5 Best Books like North and South

 North and South

After her cousin Edith weds Captain Lennox, Margaret Hale, 19, joyfully makes her way back to the charming southern village of Helstone from London. She spent over ten years in the city with Edith and her affluent aunt Shaw, where she developed into a talented young woman. Henry, the captain’s brother and a young barrister, had proposed to Margaret, but she had already turned him down. But when her father, the minister, leaves the Church of England and the rectory of Helstone out of conscience—his intellectual honesty having made him a dissenter—her existence is turned upside down.

Author: Elizabeth Gaskell

Here are our personal top picks of other good romance books like  North and South that will surely get you hooked. Hope you’ll find a good fit to your taste!

(1)Falling for Mr. Thornton

Elizabeth Gaskell wrote about the enduring love between Mr. Thornton and Margaret Hale against the stormy backdrop of an industrial town in the throes of the Industrial Revolution. This collection of short stories by twelve well-known authors combines current and Victorian elements and examines well-known scenes from fresh perspectives or in a very new way. Falling for Mr. Thornton is a collection you will value again and time again because it captures all the poignancy, heartache, and romance of the original story.

Author: Trudy Brasure 


(2)Common Ground

Despite being engaged, John and Margaret still have obstacles to overcome. Will Hannah ever be able to accept Margaret as her son’s spouse? What impact will Margaret’s investment have on John’s company? Is Watson’s investment plan really as successful as it seems? What will a relationship between two people from such dissimilar backgrounds look like in the future? In this lovely North and South sequel, follow John and Margaret through their engagement and into their marriage.

Author: Elaine Owen


(3)A Heart for Milton

Margaret Hale couldn’t have predicted the circumstances that would cause her to have a change of heart and open her heart when she abruptly rejected the affection of the wealthy mill owner. She deeply regrets her earlier harsh assessment of him and is eager for the chance to express to Mr. Thornton how highly she truly regards him.

Author: Trudy Brasure 


(4) Margaret of Milton

When Margaret Hale’s father unexpectedly passes away, she is forced to wed the guy she turned down months before and who has said he no longer loves her. The woman John Thornton thinks is in love with another man is given his name and his home at the same time out of a feeling of honor. How would our obligated union lead to happiness and love for our couple?

Author: Elaine Owen 


(5) In Consequence

John Thornton is eager to demonstrate to this newcomer from the South that he has a heart in addition to his strict dedication to business ethics. The lonely Master finds himself more and more tantalized by her presence and moved by her words, having been captivated from the beginning by her beauty, power, and independent spirit.

Author: Trudy Brasure


Best Books to Read Like  North and South

That was fast! I hope the above books give you the excitement to grab the book of your choice. If you find  North and South interesting, the other four books will provide the same thrill!

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