Top 5 Best Books like Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace

After battling through my brother’s illness and passing, I’m finally back at home. But life at home is unquestionably different. My best buddy, who is currently the only person still living who is aware of my secret, has a new boyfriend who also has a pal. Bad lad, tattooed rock god, and exceptional eye candy is Shane Maxton. He is also New York City’s most arrogant, self-serving, son of a, well, a definite one-night stand kind of a guy.

Author:Christine Zolendz

Here are our personal top picks of other good romance books like Fall From Grace that will surely get you hooked. Hope you’ll find a good fit to your taste!

(1)Cry For Me 

Even after my parents passed away, my cousins were the ones that bullied me the most.

As kids, they had despised me for years, and even coming into their home didn’t make them like me more.

I was eagerly awaiting the day when I could leave this town and every single individual there.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave until I saw one person.

Author: R Sullins 



He starts to appear everywhere to Pagan. both in her bedroom and her school. She is being followed by the soul, and she is unable to stop him. With him, everything is different. I’ll start with the fact that he talks to her. When she believes he has left, everything in her life abruptly changes.

Author: Abbi Glines




Although I’m a naive seventeen-year-old, I’m grounded and rational. Even in the most bizarre situations, I try to find logical causes. But ever since they met sophomore Reed Wellington, nothing makes sense. I am drawn to him whenever he is nearby; it’s like a magnetic force is drawing me in his direction. You’re probably thinking that sounds really amazing, and I agree. Yes, it would be if he liked me, but Reed acts as if my presence in Crestwood—or on his person—is the worst thing that has ever happened. But here’s the thing: for some reason, he shows up in my life every time I turn around.

Author: Amy A Bartol


(4) Bound: Lost Soul Book One

A twisted halo around the devil’s horns signals anguish and punishment in the name of wrongful penance as my story opens.

Kind remarks quickly evolved into harsh reprimands.
Touches of affection turned into vibrant bruises.

He used me as his lamb sacrifice.
offered to his assistant.
trained and in shape.

Author: B. Livingstone


(5) Ace

A Jason Steele. a wicked boy biker sent from heaven to seduce decent women like me.
The unsightly closest buddy he had growing up wasn’t wanted by the future Prez of the Angels of Hellfire. Jaine Jones is simply.
at least not permanently.
The reason I left California for New York at the age of eighteen? unfulfilled love.
After playing me, Mr. Ace of Broken Hearts invited the woman who made my life miserable to play his elderly lady.

Author: Harley Diamond


Best Books to Read Like Fall From Grace

That was fast! I hope the above books give you the excitement to grab the book of your choice. If you find Fall From Grace interesting, the other four books will provide the same thrill!

Let us know how you feel. Write your comments below on books that you have enjoyed similar to Fall From Grace

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