Top 5 Best Books like Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn

For Bella Swan, being infatuated with a vampire is a nightmare come true that has been dangerously heightened. A turbulent year of temptation, sorrow, and conflict have brought her to the decisive moment. Her overwhelming desire for Edward Cullen and her profound connection to werewolf Jacob Black are pulling her in opposite directions. The destiny of two tribes hinge on her impending decision to either enter the ominous but alluring world of immortals or pursue a fully human life.

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Here are our personal top picks of other good romance books like Breaking Dawn that will surely get you hooked. Hope you’ll find a good fit to your taste!

(1) Mockingjay

The highly anticipated conclusion to Suzanne Collins’s critically acclaimed Hunger Games trilogy has arrived. The Capitol is furious. The Capitol seeks retribution. Whom do they believe ought to bear the costs of the unrest? Kristen Everdeen. The third and concluding installment of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy will have readers’ pulses pounding, their pages turning, and talking about one of the most famous and well-known books and authors in recent publication history!

Author: Suzanne Collins


(2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter is aware that Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters are following him as he boards Hagrid’s motorcycle’s sidecar and departs Privet Drive for the final time. Harry can no longer hide since the protection spell that has kept him safe up until now has been shattered. Harry must locate and eliminate the remaining Horcruxes in order to stop the Dark Lord from instilling fear into everything he loves. The decisive conflict must start; Harry must stand and confront his foe.

Author: J.K. Rowling


(3) The Last Olympian

The half-bloods have spent the whole year training for combat with the Titans despite their knowledge of their slim chances of success. The army of the terrible Titan Kronos is more powerful than ever, and his power only increases with the addition of each god and half-blood. While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Percy Jackson and a horde of teenage demigods must now thwart the Lord of Time.

Author: Rick Riordan

(4) Big Nate: Beware of Low-Flying Corn Muffins

The entire campus is on high alert as a result of Big Nate’s return. Can Dee Dee’s reputation as a drama queen rival Nate’s sleazy gossip gathering? When Mrs. Godfrey finds out that she and Nate have a similar fixation, will she become happier? And what happens after Coach John wanders into the flight path of a Nate-powered projectile? In this brand-new collection of Big Nate comics, the self-styled King of Detention is well-armed…so proceed with caution. Join Nate and friends for another laugh-packed installment of Big Nate comic fun.

Author: Lincoln Peirce

(5) A Court of Mist and Fury

Feyre has endured more hardships than a single human woman can bear inside her. She is troubled by her stay Under the Mountain and the awful acts she committed to save Tamlin and his people’s lives, even though she has been given the abilities and longevity of the High Fae.

Author: Sarah J. Maas


Best Books to Read Like Breaking Dawn

That was fast! I hope the above books give you the excitement to grab the book of your choice. If you find Breaking Dawn interesting, the other four books will provide the same thrill!

Let us know how you feel. Write your comments below on books that you have enjoyed similar to Breaking Dawn

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