Top 5 Best Books like Beneath This Man

Beneath This Man

Jesse Ward bathed her in his intensity and caught her off guard with his desire, yet he managed to keep her out of the way of his sinister secrets and damaged heart. Ava O’Shea could only live by leaving him. Jesse Ward is hard to escape, and now that he’s returned to her life, he’s anxious to bring back memories of the sexual pleasures they once experienced. She should have known this. The reality hidden behind this man’s icy façade is something Ava is equally keen to uncover. That requires her to once more allow herself to approach the Lord of the Manor. And she’s right where Jesse wants her to be: close by.

Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas

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It was a mistake to fall in love with a wealthy, haughty, and powerful man. My heart didn’t care even if my intellect told me he was hazardous. Running was all I knew to do as the falsehoods started to fall apart and the truth hit me square in the face. I wasn’t a part of this world.

Author: Abbi Glines



(2)Release Me

Damien Stark, who is rich, strong, and extremely deadly, wants to be my owner. ..or at least resemble me. He’s promised me $1,000,000 to take a naked photo that will be the gem of his personal art collection.

Author: J. Kenner 




Living the nice life, Brynne Bennett has put scandal in the past. She is a graduate student from the United States at the University of London and a part-time photography model who is working hard to get back on track with a career in art conservation. Ethan Blackstone, a charismatic and accomplished businessman from London, wants more from her naked portrait than just her visage. Brynne should be his personal butler and share his bed with him. He has no problem expressing his wants and won’t accept “no” as an answer.

Author: Raine Miller

(4) Holding Onto Hope

The time is running out for Kimber and I to expand our family, and we haven’t been able to do so. My friendship with Jake is deteriorating rapidly. My boyfriend doesn’t realize the harm he’s doing to himself and people around us because he believes that everyone else has it better than he does.

Author: Jody Kaye 



(5) Disaster Girl

Tess Greene knows disaster—dating disasters, computer disasters, family disasters, you name it. But just when her life is finally almost perfect, she’s targeted by an internet celebrity who runs a revenge porn site admired by douchebags across the country. She has one month before the entire world will have an up-close-and-personal view of her sexual history. Tess has always handled everything on her own, but for this disaster, she needs backup.

Author: Michelle Dayton 


Best Books to Read Like Beneath This Man

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