Top 3 Most Expensive Perfumes in The World

Empty Your Wallets for these Expensive Perfumes in The World

Perfumes and natural fragrances have been around since ancient Egyptian era. People would offer redolent scents to rulers or political heads as a tribute.

Nowadays, the tradition of using perfumes as a status symbol is still carried on. People love to bring exquisite and pleasant perfumes for their friends & families almost on every occasion. Surprisingly, everyone has an infatuation for aroma, and they use this luxury item as a necessity.

There is a part of the community which is completely unbiased and limitless love for fragrances. They won’t hesitate to spend a thousand bucks an ounce that we would take months to earn.

Here, we have reviewed most expensive perfumes in the world. You can’t afford them, but there is no harm in knowing them. Without further ado, let’s start!

3- Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien

If you’re not into musky or sweet fragrance, Eau d’Hadrien is a perfect choice for you. Being a citrus fragrance, it is nothing like a traditional cologne. The perfumers have used lemon, Sicilian lemon, mandarin orange, citron, grapefruit, aldehydes, and cypress. As a unique component, it features extracts from a local plant of Madagascar, known as Ylang Ylang.

Let’s get down to real business; it will cost you $1500 for a 3.4ml bottle.

2- JAR Bolt of Lightning

Do you have the special place in heart for custom made perfume bottles? The one with intricate and clean glass designs. You must check out JAR Bolt of Lightning. This aroma has been launched specifically for women. Not only every bottle is custom made but also made with different ingredients. You can pick your favourite with musk, grapefruit or flowers.

This stylish piece will cost you $765 for an ounce.

1- Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty

Caution: you may think it is a bluff, but it is not!

In the perfume industry, Roja Dove is a respected name. This perfume is made for you if you always loved wearing sweet fragrances. Its key ingredients include rose oil, jasmine, Italian cinnamon and orris root. No one can work on these components easily. That’s why one of every three batches fail to produce desired product.

Just like the aroma, its fascinating bottle is a piece of work. The neck features an 18 karat gold inset along with a five karat diamond.

It is the most expensive fragrance on the list. For 16.9 oz, it will cost you $215,000.

We come to the conclusion that perfumes are adored by everyone. From hundreds to thousands, people spend on their favorite fragrances without hesitation.


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