Top 10 Worst Performing Stocks of 2020

10 Most Worst Performed Stocks in 2020 to Watch Out For In 2021

In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 worst performing stocks of 2020 in the ASX. This article was written on 3rd January,2021 and the data presented below reflect the positions of the below mentioned companies on this date. Although a significant change is not expected over the coming days it is better to know.

So without further ado, let us look at the top 10 worst performing stocks of the Australian Stock Exchange for the year 2020.

1. Avita Medical Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 18.580
  • 52 week high: 30.78
  • 52 week low: 4.00
  • 52 week % change: -58.71%
avita medical limited

Avita Medical Limited is situated in the pharma sector but investors should avoid this stock for now because 2020 has not been kind to Avita Medical. The year started on a positive for Avita but the pandemic outbreak did not work out for Avita Medical and ever since the market crash of March, the share value of Avita has not been able to recover. It does not show any sign of recovering in the short term.

2. Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield

  • Last Trade Price: 5.10
  • 52 week high: 11.40
  • 52 week low: 2.410
  • 52 week % change: -50.66%

Unibail Rodamco is a real estate developer. The real estate sector has taken a hit during the pandemic. The year 2020 started on a high note for this sector but the pandmic induced increase in savings cause the investors to hold their investment and this resulted in reduced activity in the real estate sector. Worsening credit and uncertainty also caused the credit scores to fall, thereby increasing the risk of default on mortgages. All of these effects can be seen by the share price movement graph for Unibail Rodamco. There has been some sign of recovery and while the year in general has been bad for Unibail, any investors looking to take advantage of the undervalued stock of Unibail, can target the Q1 of 2021, as the share price may rise again as the Australian economy opens once again.

3. Anteris Technologies Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 3.80
  • 52 week high: 9.18
  • 52 week low: 0.055
  • 52 week % change: -62.50%
Anteris Technologies Limited

Anteris Technologie is situated in the pharma and biotechnology sectors. Although these sectors have seen growth even during the pandemic, but Anteris for some reason has not been able to capitalise on this growth. This is evident by the price movement chart shown above. The first 7 months of 2020 were nothing but turbulent and while the company did show some promising signs but it simply was not able to capitalise on the positive breaks that were available. The price movement seems to have stabilised around August. Investors looking to take advantage of the under valued share of Anteris should carry out proper due diligence to make sure that the company can deliver in 2021.

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4. Aust Equities Strong Bear Trust

  • Last Trade Price: 6.070
  • 52 week high: 20.150
  • 52 week low: 5.930
  • 52 week % change: -37.07%

Aust Equities is a managed investment scheme, with the aim of having a negative correlation with the ASX. Which means that it expects to generate a positive return when the ASX is negative and a negative return when ASX is positive. 2020 has not been a very good year for the bear trust because they have generated a negative return. During the year the share price reached as high as AUD 20 but then also fell to AUD 5.9 which corresponds to a % change o negative 37%.

With the Australian economy opening up and rebounding up, the bear trust is expected to remain in the negative zone for 2021 as well.

5. Southern Cross Media Group Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 2.240
  • 52 week high: 6.82
  • 52 week low: 1.00
  • 52 week % change: -62.92%
Southern Cross Media Group Limited

Southern Crop Media Group is one of the biggest media houses in Australia. Although it is included among the worst performing stocks of ASX, the last quarter performance has been positive. Investors looking to take advantage of the undervalued stock may want to carry out due diligence to find out if the current positive trend can be sustained or not.

6. IOOF Holdings Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 3.520
  • 52 week high: 8.36
  • 52 week low: 2.69
  • 52 week % change: -51.37%
Ioof Holdings Limited

IOOF holdings is in the financial services sector. This sector has seen mixed trends during the year. Ioof holdings, however, has had a turbulent year and although the start of 2020 was on a high note for the firm the March 2020 stock market crashed, seems to have knocked the wind out of the stock performance of Ioof. The recovery has been very volatile and the stock price has hardly recovered 50% of its lost value, which is why it is among the worst performing stocks of ASX in 2020.

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7. Huon Aquaculture Group Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 2.66
  • 52 week high: 4.700
  • 52 week low: 2.54
  • 52 week % change: -41.02%
Huon Aquaculture Group Limited

Huon is situated in the agriculture sector. The whole year has been a downhill roll for the stock price of Huon. The stock price was more or less stable in the first quarter but the March 2020 crash caused the price to tumble and since then the price has kept on falling. There has been no recovery at all. During the year, Huon has lost almost 40% of its stock price with no positive trend in sight for 2020.

8. Select Harvests Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 5.22
  • 52 week high: 9.37
  • 52 week low: 5.10
  • 52 week % change: -34.96%
Select Harvests Limited

Select Harvests is the only public listed almonds producer in Australia. Situated in the primary sector of the economy, Select ltd has not had a very good year in terms of price movements. Once again it can be seen that the March 2020 crash dealt a heavy blow to the share price, from which Select ltd has not been able to recover.

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9. VGI Partners Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 8.60
  • 52 week high: 13.19
  • 52 week low: 6.0
  • 52 week % change: -33.85%
VGI Partners Limited

VGI partners is a wealth management fund listed on the ASX. The share price of VGI has suffered a major blow back in 2020. Once again the March 2020 market crash can be seen as a major factor in this. It caused the price to drop from AUD 12 to almost AUD 7, translating to a loss in value of almost 46%. There has been no recovery since then and the price has also remained very volatile.

10. Bravura Solutions Limited

  • Last Trade Price: 3.220
  • 52 week high: 5.980
  • 52 week low: 2.85
  • 52 week % change: -38.08%
Bravura Solutions Limited

Bravura provides software solutions for wealth management companies. It is therefore located in the fintech sector, which has traditionally been a strong sector in ASX. The performance of Bravura stock in the first quarter reflected this but once again the March 2020 crash caused the stock price to fall from almost AUD 6 to AUD 2.8, thus falling by over 50%.

Although the stock price recovered to almost AUD 5 by June 2020 but the lockdowns imposed since then have caused the stock price to tumble to around AUD 3, thus since March there has been very little or no recovery in the stock price, which is why Bravura Solutions is among the worst performing stocks of ASX


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