Top 10 Home Gym Bench Exercises

Best 10 Weight Benches Exercises

1. Bench Press

  • Lie flat on your back on the weight bench
  • Now, lift the bar overhead
  • Make sure your grip on the bar is a little more than the distance of your shoulders. This will ensure that when the bar is on the top your hands are in line and below the elbows.
  • This formation will ensure that the ergonomics is perfect and the force is maximum on the bar.
  • While you are pushing the bar up, make sure to breathe out.
  • Concentrate on the ceiling and make sure that the trajectory of the upward path is straight.
  • Make sure to choose the appropriate weights elsewise you may cause severe injuries.
  • This exercise will help develop your shoulders, chest and biceps.

2. Single Arm Row

  • Put your left knee on the bench such that knee to the heel make a straight line parallel to the bench
  • Now, place your left hand on the bench but some distance ahead of the knee
  • The position should be bend and your torso must be bend.
  • Your face must be seeing the bench
  • In the right hand hold a weight suitable to your exercise level
  • The right leg should be firmly set on ground to provide requisite balance
  • Now flex your elbow and pull the hand closer to yourself against the gravity and push it out to the bottom again.
  • The elbow should be brought up until the elbow is parallel to the ground or the angle made by shoulder to elbow is parallel to the ground
  • Make sure to keep your torso completely parallel to the bench to not cause any back injuries.

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3. Pullover

  • Lie down on the weight bench with your back on the bench
  • Both your feet must be firmly grounded. This will give you a very good grip.
  • Now hold a dumbbell with both hands
  • Keep your hands perpendicular to the body up in the air while ensuring that both the hands are holding the dumbbell properly.
  • Now lower down your hands behind your head so as to take the hands until the level of the bench
  • Stop at that position and repeat the exercise 10 times
  • This exercise is very good for your core and in particular back.
  • Make sure to not take too heavy weights elsewise you may end up causing an injury!

4. Shoulder Press

  • Stand upright and hold dumbbells in both your hands such that the hands are near the shoulder with a bent elbow
  • The elbow should make and angle of 90 degrees
  • Make sure to note that the palms should face each other at all times of the exercise
  • Raise the hands by straightening the elbows and hold the pose for 3 seconds once completely straightened
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times
  • Make sure to take appropriate weights
  • This exercise is good for your shoulders
  • Avoid any jerk by completing the exercise at a smooth pace

5. Reverse Flyes

  • Lie on an inclined bench such that your stomach is resting on the bench
  • The bench should be placed at an incline to the surface such that the feet must touch the ground when in inclined position.
  • The legs should be stationary hinging on your toes
  • Now hold dumbbells in both your hands and place them in the air perpendicular to the bench
  • This will the starting position
  • Now exhale while pulling your hands apart such that they reach parallel to the ground and a little further
  • You must feel your shoulder blades clutching
  • Now while inhaling get your hands back to the starting position
  • All this while keep your elbows a little bent to not cause an injury.

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6. Incline Front raises

  • Lie down on the inclined bench so that the feet can touch the ground and your body makes a continuous angle to the ground
  • Take two equal weights in each hand and hold them such that palms face towards the knees. 
  • Raise the weights so that your elbows are completely straight perpendicular to your body
  • Always remember to exhale while pushing the hands out and inhale while lowering the hands back
  • Try and keep the elbows straight at all times to not cause an injury

7. Skull Crusher

  • Lie down on a horizontal bench such that your legs are firmly grounded.
  • The entire heel should be grounded for balance
  • Now hold a bar with appropriate weights on it, in the air perpendicular to the body such that it is in front of your eyes
  • Hold the bar with both the hands for proper balance
  • Now lower down the hands such that the weights end up behind your head
  • Hold this pose and then slowly get the hands straight by flexing the elbow
  • Make sure to keep your heels grounded at all times to not cause and injury.
  • Exhale while extending the arms and inhale while getting to the start position.

8. Incline Bicep Curl

  • Lean against an inclined bench such that your body is at 45 degrees to the ground.
  • Hold two weights of equal weight in each hand such that palms face outwards.
  • Raise both weights by bending the elbow until both weights are at level with the shoulders, gradually lower them back after few seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Avoid jerk movement of your upper body to lift the weights.

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9. Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Stand upright in front of a bench and then place one leg on to the bench behind you
  • Now lower down the body until the knee of the rear leg (which is placed on the bench) is almost touching the ground
  • Hold this pose for 3 seconds
  • Now push back the body to the starting position
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times
  • Make sure that the knee doesn’t go ahead than the foot
  • Make sure to keep the body straight throughout to reap maximum rewards

10. Reverse Crunch

  • Lie on the bench with bent knees so that heels are touching the bench and hips make 90 degrees angle
  • Place your hands behind your head and grab the bench by your fists.
  • Now lift your knees to bring them towards your head so that your buttocks leave the contact from the bench
  • Now, come back to the starting position and repeat the exercise 10 times
  • Make sure to grab the bench strongly enough by fists to not topple.

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