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The world is pretty tough and competition is everywhere, especially when it comes to the job market. Jobseekers need to go through a lot to land an interview and getting one’s resume noticed is probably the hardest step. That is why people are often looking for some resume writing service for help. Yet still, getting your resume done can be simple with these 10 tips for making a resume in 2021.

#1. Be unique

Remember to avoid the use of basic templates that are found on the first pages of Google. Everyone uses them, and this is why HR managers are usually annoyed by generic resumes and put them on the shelf and never look at them again. ResumeWriters is a service that could help you out with making your resume stand out just by looking at it.

#2. Avoid images and graphs, unless necessary

Large companies often use ATS to filter through large numbers of application letters and ease their recruiters’ job. However, this sort of software does not recognize images and graphs. That is why it is better to avoid those in your resume.

#3. List your skills and education

An imperative part of any application letter is to display one’s skills and education. A potential employer will want to know your background and whether your skills are actually useful for the position you apply to.

#4. Focus on relevant experience

An employer does not care about a job that a jobseeker did before if it’s not relevant. That is why it is so important to mention experience that is related to the opening that you are trying to fill. If you think that your previous job and promotions are worth mentioning, there are ways to highlight them.

#5. Be specific

If you want to be noticed by the recruiters, it is required to be specific when it comes to a resume. Your application letter should be tailored specifically for a particular company and position you want to fill. If you don’t know how to do this, try reading ResumeWriters review to find assistance if necessary.

#6. Structure

In 2021, your application letter structure matters a lot, and there are two popular ways to build a resume. The first one is chronological, and the second one is functional. The chronological structure is focused on work history, while the functional is about displaying one’s skills and experience to impress a recruiter.

#7.  Keywords

Your application letter should feature some specific words that might interest a recruiter. Those are usually specific for an industry and position. So, if you are not sure how to effectively apply keywords in a resume, consider reading ResumeWriters review – maybe this service will help you out.

#8. Accomplishments instead of routine

Recruiters are not really interested in what you were doing in the previous position – everything is understandable from the title of a job. Instead, it is better to focus on highlighting what you accomplished while working in a previous company.

#9. Grammar

Proper grammar and the absence of mistakes are mandatory for a resume. After all, this is a sign of seriousness, education, and, more importantly, respect to the potential employer.

#10. Be brief

While it is tempting to write a lot about your experiences, previous jobs, and so on, better to keep your application brief. Ideally, a resume should not exceed one page. However, if you think that there is crucial information to add that cannot fit on one page, go for it.

To sum up everything

As it is possible to see, creating your own resume is not that hard, but there are some important ground rules to follow. This guide should help you out, but if you don’t feel too confident about your application, consider hiring a resume writing service.

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