Top 10 Tips For 2023 Solo Travel in Australia

Are You Up For An Ultimate Solo Trip Adventure in Australia?

Australia had been a classic destination for tours and trips for many years. It is an ideal location for solo travellers and backpackers who are keen to discover the world on their own. The country is full of scenic beauty, friendly locals and plenty of places to explore.

If you are planning to visit this mesmerizing country on your own then this article is for you. It is an easy destination where you can travel alone regardless of your gender. Our trick and tips will further help you to make your solo trip easy and fun for you.

Following are the tips and guidelines if you take your solo trip adventure to Australia to the next level.

1. Pack Smartly

If you are travelling to Australia alone then you must pack your belonging very smartly. Moreover, your packing also depends upon your bucket list and the places you want to explore and visit. Don’t forget to check out the weather of the locations you are planning to visit.

Moreover, do not stuff everything in your bag as you are going to be the only caretaker of your belongings. Keep the weight light as you need to probably move around a lot.

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2. Safety Should Be Your Priority

Travelling alone can also pose some serious risks in many cases. Don’t forget to keep the necessary medications and a first aid box with you. These things are especially important if you are planning to go camping and hiking alone.

Although, Aussies are very friendly people and you will find many examples of hospitality here. However, it is important to stay safe and keep in mind the following safety instructions:

  • Keep your bags locked to stay safe from theft. No matter where are you staying, don’t forget to keep your belongings locked.
  • Do not walk alone in quiet places, alleys, and streets especially at night.
  • Stay away from crocodiles. You will also find various warning signs where there is a risk of crocodile attack. Keep in mind that in Australia, every year there are more than 40-50 incidents which are associated with crocodile attacks.
  • Some of the places in Australia in term of aggressive behaviour due to drinking. These places include Flinders Street in Melbourne as well as King Cross in Sydney.

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3. Socialize And Meet Others

If you want to get the best out of your trip, then don’t forget to meet the locals and other travellers. Its good to stay in hostels during your trip where you can always find a good company. Someone having by your side also provides support and better suggestions for exploring and enjoying your trip. Stay with your hostel mates and roam around with them in the common areas.

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4. Don’t Forget to Take Help From Apps

Technology can be your best friend when you are travelling alone. It can stay with you for as long as you want and provide a great deal of support. It can be quite daunting to remember every bit of detail when you travel alone. That is why you must take help from a travelling app. There are many apps which offers great suggestions and route bits of advice. So, download one of them to avoid getting lost during your trip.

5. Travel Agents Are Helpful

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss all the fun during your solo trip to Australia, then take help from a travel agent. It is always a good idea to talk to an expert and let them provide you with travel suggestions. It will make your trip safer and much more enjoyable.

6. Avail Some Freebies

There are many discount options available and most of the tourists aren’t aware of it. That is why, taking from a journey is a lot helpful as they offer many discount cards for various hotels, museums and many other tourist spots. Moreover, many cities like Melbourne and Sydney also offer free walking tours to enjoy the magnificent view of the city.

7.  Always Take Public Transport

Travelling solo means no sharing of fuel. Thus, if you are planning to take your ride, then chances are that you will end up spending all of your money on filling up that fuel tank. If you want to avoid it and avail the option of public transport.

Public transport is easy and safest option to travel in Australia. Local transport is also affordable and you can also find a great company while travelling through public transport.

8. Group Tours Are Fun

Group tours are also a great way to meet new people and to get the best out of your trip. Most of the people who avail the group tour options are the solo travellers who need a company. So, you can book a group tour with the people who are interested in the same route as you are.

9. Always Have a Plan

Always step out of your house having a solid plan in your hand. Australia has so much to explore that you might end up getting confused if your trip is unplanned. Therefore, always create a well-defined budget, a plan, and a timeline to avoid getting in trouble.

10. Stay in Touch With Someone

Lastly, don’t forget to stay in touch with someone back at home. Make sure that you don’t lose connection especially when you are travelling alone. Having a connection with someone can save from many risks and dangers. Moreover, it is also good to keep sharing your location with your loved ones or someone you trust. There are many incidents where people went missing while travelling alone. You don’t want to make such a history of yourself! 

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