Top 10 Things To Do In Esperance Australia

Top 10 Awesome Things To Do In Esperance, Western Australia

Looking for some laid back place where you can spend your holidays on the laps of nature, relishing every moment? Well then, try out the small town of Esperance, located almost 720 Kms to the southeast of the Western Australian capital, Perth. Surrounded by numerous fabulous beaches, Esperance is the ideal holiday location for families looking for a peaceful getaway or for couples who want to enjoy each other’s company amidst the beauties of nature.

If you are planning a holiday in Esperance, make sure that you have your itinerary carefully planned out, so as to have the best out of your trip to this beautiful coastal town. The expert guide, detailed below will not only reveal the must visit destinations of this wonderful town but will also tell you the ideal way to enjoy the fantastic natural offerings. So, let’s see how to make your Esperance visit a lifetime experience.

Top 10 Things To Do In Esperance Australia

  1. The Great Ocean Drive

Much like the popular Great Ocean Road in South Australia, Western Australia, too, has its own beautiful driveway, commonly known as the Great Ocean Drive. Stretching for about 40 Kms, this scenic driveway Is located all along the coastline or Esperance and finally leads into the town. The driveway is dotted with numerous beaches that are ideal for angling, picnics, swimming and even, surfing. The drive itself can be a relaxing experience, even if you do not want to experience the water.

  1. The Pink Lake

Named after a biological phenomenon that turns the water of the lake to pink. The Pink Lake is a beautiful spot that attracts the attention of most visitors. The changing color of the lake is attributed to the presence of the algae dunalella salina and depending on the salinity levels and the water condition during different times of the day, the Lake offers a beautiful panorama of exquisite colors that range from lovely pinks to brilliant blues.

  1. Recherche Archipelago

The Recherche Archipelago, stretching for 230 Kms in the East-West and 50 Kms off the shore, is formed out of 105 small islands and more than 1200 land forms that are considered as ‘obstacles to shipping’. Apart from the beautiful beaches, these islands are a well known biodiversity hotspot and are home to numerous temperate as well as tropical fauna and flora, including the natives of this place. Marine, terrestrial as well as avian life flourishes here, including 263 varieties of known fishes, 347 of mollusk, 450 of soft grasses, corals and sponges, Australian sea lion, New Zealand fur seal, wallabies, snakes, geckos, ornate dragon, Cape Barren goose, Sooty oystercatchers, rock parrots, red-eared firetails and much more.

  1. Cape Le Grand National Park

Amongst the three national parks that attract the attention of tourists in Esperance, the Cape Le Grand National Park is of utmost importance. A drive of about 30 minutes will take you to this amazingly beautiful park that’s adorned with granite peaks, long beaches, turquoise seas, snow white sand and heathlands. Within this park is located the Lucky Bay, that allows you to be in the close proximity of the kangaroos in their natural habitat. You can hike to the Frenchman Peak too, that’s known for its picturesque views of the Recherche Archipelago and the park as well.

  1. Cape Arid National Park

Situated about 120 Kms to the east of the town of Esperance, the Cape Arid National Park attracts the attention of the visitors with its gleaming beaches, crystal waters and the boulder strewn bays. Lying to the east of the Cape Le Grand, the park is known for being the ideal summer spot for numerous watersports and angling. Mount Arid offers great views of the coasts and the eastern islands of the Recherche Archipelago. You can hike along the inland trails to enjoy the local animal and plant life.

  1. Fitzgerald River National park

The third in the series, the Top 10 Things To Do In Esperance Australiais, in no way, less interesting than the others. While other parks may offer a blend of activities and flora and fauna, this park is way ahead when you consider the biodiversity of the place. In fact, it is a wonderland of some of the best natural displays of plant life. The National Park is home to nearly 20% of all the plant species recorded statewide. This doesn’t mean that visitors to this park are restricted to plants only. Excellent options for fishing and swimming are available along with whale watching options at Point Ann and numerous highlights like Barrens Lookout, Barrens Beach, Hamersley Drive, Cave Point and the likes.

  1. Stokes National Park

This might be at quite a distance from Esperance (about 80 Kms), yet its best that you include it in your Esperance itinerary as it offers fantastic bushwalking, boating, birding, kayaking and fishing options in the deep Stokes Inlet that’s located within the park. Apart from that the main prized views are those of the long beaches, sand dunes, rocky outcrops, wetlands, heaths, hinterlands and low hills. The bird and plant life here is quite rich too.

  1. Lake Monginup

Located about 18 Kms away from Esperance, the Lake Monginup is a part of the Lake Monginup Nature Reserve that houses about 100 bird species, 18 varieties of lizards, 9 frog species along with west gray kangaroos, echidnas, honey possums and a vast stretch of pristine natural vegetation.

  1. Esperance Museum

Amidst the numerous nature hotspots, the Esperance museum is something that tells you about the gradual technological evolution of the town through the ages. From old telephones to kitchen appliance, from rail carriages to farm machinery, the museum curates it all, the most unique being the debris from the space station Skylab that was lost on 12th July, 1979.

  1. Tanker Jetty

Built in 1934-35 by John Gillispie, the Esperance Deepwater Wharf, better known as the Tanker Jetty is famous for the seals and the sea lions that continuously visit the area, the most popular being Sammy. An artificially constructed reef off the jetty end is a famous anglers’ point.

Getting in

Air: The town of Esperance can be easily reached via flights from Perth.

Road: If you want to enjoy the numerous highlights that dot the driveway from Perth to Esperance, then driving is the best option. You can either take your car or book a cab.

Coaches: You can also avail the services of TransWa offers travel options to Esperance from Perth.

Getting around

Since the town of Esperance is a small one, most attractions are located at walking distances or you can ride a bicycle. You can also hire cars or join guided tours.

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