Top 10 Surfing Spots in Australia in 2023

Top Ten Spots to Catch a Giant Wave in 2023

Australia is famous for hosting the most renowned surfers from around the world, due to its perfect tides for surfing. Surfers regularly travel to this continent country for surfing. Australia offers some of the world’s best surfing beaches. These beaches have the best waves and conditions for surfing. The country is a surfer’s paradise. If you are a surfer, and you have not been to Australia, you surely are wasting a big time. Plan your trip to Australia in 2020 and get the benefits of its perfect waves for your surfing. Top 10 beaches to offer best surfing conditions include

1. Crescent Head, NSW

Top 10 Surfing Spots in Australia in 2020

The Crescent Head beach stretches over an area of 25 kilometres. The beach offers perfect waves for beginners as well as professional surfers. So get your longboard and pack your bags to fly to Australia. Crescent Head is located at the North of Port Macquarie. There are four perfect right-hand point breaks in this beach, that give such perfect waves that you can ride for up to 200 meters miraculously. And due to these reasons, surfing movies have been filmed at this beach, including the very famous Hang Ten.

2. The Pass at Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay situated in New South Wales is known to be a paradise for board riders. There are many beaches on the Byron bay, which you can choose for surfing. The best place for surfing on Byron Bay is the Pass which is situated at the end of Clarkes Beach. This spot is known to be the best surfing spot in Australia and probably the best in the world too. From this pass, you can view the whole bay from a surfer’s point of view. The Pass is packed with many surfers, so you will have a good company while you surf with the waves.

3. Aussie Pipe aka Black Rock

The Aussie Pipe is commonly known by many different names including Pipeline, Black Rock, Summercloud Bay, South Coast Pipe, and Wreck Bay. the Aussie pipe is located at the south of Jervis Bay in Booderee National Park on the South Coast of New South Wales. If you want to enjoy the most resonating and most photogenic waves in Australia, then you should visit the Black Rock. Interestingly the bottom of the pipe is infested with urchins. But remember to surf on the Pipe only if you are an experienced surfer. The best time to surf on this beach is during winters at mid-tide. Although the beach is a consistent break and can also work in summers, its most enjoyable in winters.

4. Seal Rocks, Treachery and Lighthouse Beach

The south-facing beaches of Seal Rocks, Treachery Beach and Lighthouse Beach are considered to be among the best beaches to generate perfect waves for surfing. They produce generally nice waves when the swell comes from the south. These beaches are just 22 kilometres away from the Pacific Palms. This part of the North-South Wales coast is underdeveloped because there are no big cities or even small villages around. And while you are surfing on these beaches, you can spot dolphins. These dolphins swim just a few meters from the beaches.

5. Tea Tree Bay and Granite Bay, Noosa

You will find a surfing hotspot if you walk for 30 to 40 minutes from the main Noosa Beach. The Tea Tree Bay and Granite Bay are located next to each other in the Noosa National Park. These bays are known to be a great option for surfers from beginner to expert levels, because of warm water and fun breaks. It is the best part of the Sunshine Coast. These parts of the shore are well protected from the wind so when a swell rolls, perfect fun waves are produced for surfing. It is necessary for anyone seeking to improve their surfing to feel appreciated and not made to feel uncomfortable or kook-shamed. By being part of a community read this post from Ombe which provides open, honest, but respectful feedback, it allows everyone to open up to the process of improving their surfing.

6. Central Coast

The Central Coast is in between Sydney and Newcastle and is a heaven for day-tripper surfers. It is one of the most popular destinations for surfing in Australia. The surfers can experience reliable waves on Avalon Beach and Copacabana Beach on the Central Coast. The Avalon beach is 45 kilometres from Sydney and surfers from beginner to expert level can have fun here. The Copacabana beach however is just for experts because the ledge break of the beach produces powerful hollow waves that can really rip. So, enjoy your surfing on the Central Coast of Australia.

7. Exmouth

If you want to swim with whales and want gnarly waves for surfing, then Exmouth is your place to go. The place is also famous due to the presence of Ningaloo Reef. the Exmouth is originally made up of many beaches, but all of them are known for offering surf conditions. Some of the beaches provide the best of surfing waves and swells. Dunes also are known as the Surfers Beach is probably the best place on Exmouth for surfing conditions. The clear blue waves give excellent pictures while surfing. If you want to enjoy surfing in Exmouth, then July to October are the best months. While you are here, you can also enjoy snorkelling and looking at the reef from water.

8. Northern Beaches

Surfers from around the world are very fond of Northern Beaches in Sydney. These beaches including the Manly Beach and the Palm Beach are spread over 20 kilometres on the coastline. If you are a new surfer, then you must visit the beautiful beach of North Narrabeen, which stretches over 3 kilometres. But if you are an expert rider then you must take a trip to Long Reef Bommie to enjoy it to the fullest.

9. Cactus Beach

Cactus Beach is undoubtedly a perfect beach for surfing. The region is quite underdeveloped and untouched, so you can enjoy nature in its original form on this beach. It is located in the South of Australia. The beach however, is not for in-experienced or beginner surfers. Especially if you are planning to surf in winter, because waves in winter are quite turbulent. For an expert, this beach is perfect because of its booming southern break.

10. Bells Beach

If we are talking about the best surfing beaches in Australia, and do not mention the Bells Beach, then we are missing big time. The Victoria’s iconic Bells Beach is a perfect beach for surfing as it generates powerful swells with a natural backdrop of red clay cliffs. The beach lies at a distance of around 100 kilometres from Melbourne. The beach also hosts the annual Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival since 1962. Winkipop is another charming coastal spot near the Bells Beach. This spot is also famous for providing excellent surf conditions.



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