Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2022)

Salute To The Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2022).

Elite special force can do what regular law enforcement cannot.

Special operations that require bravery, accuracy, and persistence involve elite forces. For example, think of hostage crisis, or commando strikes against enemies.

Those usually involve highly trained special force members.

Thus, almost every country in the world has a trained Special Forces unit. And to become a Special Forces commando, you need some serious training.

It is because of the high entry barriers.

The high entry barriers ensure that only the best quality. And this makes them really interesting to discuss.

So below, we’re going to present the top 10 special force in the world. And we’ll be presenting them based on their outstanding achievements.

(1) USA – Navy Seals.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2018)The USA Navy Seals are a role model for many of the world’s Special Forces.

And this isn’t just in terms of training and qualifications. It also involves accomplishments, especially in combatting terrorism.

The US Navy Seals were originally founded in the 1960s. And they were trained to take part in the harsh combat environments of the Vietnam War.

The existence of this unit hasn’t complete 60 years yet. But the same can be said about many Special Force units worldwide…

Navy Seals have a lot of accomplishments under their belt. After all, they were responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden a few years ago.

(2) Britain – SAS.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2018)SAS is short for the Special Air Services.

This unit is older, and arguably tougher than the USA Navy Seals.

This unit was founded in 1941, during World War 2. The SAS originally trained to infiltrate Italian and German lines, helping out resistance movements.

The British SAS undergoes intensive training, supervised by the MI5 and MI6. They trained intensively for physical stamina, but they are trained for mental endurance.

One of this unit’s outstanding achievements was the 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege. The SAS successfully rescued the majority of the hostages. And they took swift action to eliminate most of the terrorists.


(3) USA – Delta Force.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2018)Formed in 1977, this unit specializes in combating terrorism.

Something to be noted about this unit is its low admission rate. In other words, close to 90% of applicants fail training.

The toughness of training makes this unit one of the most formidable in the US.


(4) Israel – Shayetet 13.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2018)This is the Israeli Special Forces unit. And it was founded as soon as Israel declared itself a nation decades ago.

This one of the world’s toughest Special Forces units. And it has to be, especially if you’re a small nation, and are surrounded by many cultural enemies.

One of the notable operations of the Shayetet 13 was involved in the 1972 Munich Olympics. They were responsible for hunting and taking down terrorists responsible for the chaos.

(5) Israel – Sayeret Matkal.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2018)Another of Israel’s finest special forces. This one specializes in hostage rescues and anti-reconnaissance.

With the amount of conflict Israel gets too, hostage situations are common. Many tend to be soldiers, but a lot of civilians end up in problems too.

Like the Shayetet 13, this unit goes through extensive mental and physical training.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2022)

(6) Russia – Alpha Group.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2018)This is one of the world’s “most aggressive” Special Forces.

The Alpha group was founded in the 1970s. That was back when the Soviet Union was still around. And with the Cold War, the methods of this group were brutal.

The Alpha Group is known for the mass killing of political targets. And they’re known for aggressively handling terrorists while ignoring civilian life.

For a good example, check out the Moscow 2002 theatre siege.

(7) Pakistan – SSG.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2018)Nations prone to conflict always have top Special Forces.

Pakistan is no exception. 75% of candidates to the SSG don’t make it through. And those who do have a lot on their shoulders.

The SSG has traditionally fought side-by-side with the US, especially during the Cold War. And it has also managed internal and border conflicts against India.

(8) France – GIGN.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2018)After the 1972 Munich Olympic Attacks, France decided on a Special Forces team.

This would GIGN.

GIGN units specialize in hostage rescue and anti-terrorist combatting. Many of these force patrol chaos in African countries. And they’ve also participated in managing domestic rescue missions.

For a good example, check the 1994 Marseille Flight.

(9) India – MARCOS.

If you need a high failure rate, look no further than India.

The failure rate in training here is 98%. And thus, India’s MARCOS don’t exceed 4-digits, even with its high population.

The Indian Marcos is known for high emotional resilience and excellent technology. Here, you’ll find some of the world’s best-trained soldiers and weapons combined.

(10) Germany – GSG 9.

Top 10 Special Forces Around the World (2018)This is a Special Forces unit that belongs to the German police.

So yes, in addition to being heavily trained, they’re civilian cops. And the GSG 9 is specifically trained to combat terrorism.

To apply to the GSG 9, a German needs a minimum of 2 years in police service. So it’s not a force any German can join…

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