Top 10 Social Media Automation Tools To Manage SMM

Top 10 social media automation tools to manage SMM for you:-

In today’s era, nobody can deny the importance of social media marketing. Hiring a team of Social media marketing professionals will cost too much which can’t be affordable by small businesses or bloggers. And trying things your own in the old manual way will take a lot of time and efforts while at the end you will have same crazy results.

Top 10 Social Media Automation Tools To Manage SMM

I’m sure you landed on this post in search of some social media automation tools to manage SMM for you at an affordable cost. Moreover, hiring a team for one year without knowing their activities, you might be risking your website while the below infographic by XMTML Junction will help you to know about top 10 social media automation tools to improve your SMM strategies.

Hootsuite is one of the best social media automation tools which is my favorite too and I am using it, since a long time so I would personally recommend it to be top of the list. Buffer comes on my 2nd priority while Manage Flitter and Social Oomph are also great ones to give a try.

Top 10 Social Media Automation Tools

1- HootSuite 

HootSuite offers premium plans as well as free plan, however, the free plan has very limited options so the recommended plan is Pro one which costs you as low as $10 per month. But the benefits you will gain are adding 50 social media profiles, bulk messages scheduling via uploading pre-made excel sheet and much more. However, there is enterprise plan as well which is having more benefits but for small businesses and bloggers, the pro membership fulfills all the needs.

2- Buffer

The best thing, I love in buffer app is clicking and scheduling stuff. You must give it a try by using free version before going for pro one. But again a free version will give you very limited benefits.

here are the links – top 8 social media automation tools from the above list/infographic.

3- Mention

4- tweepi

5- TweetDeck

6- SocialOomph

7- ManageFlitter

8- PostPlanner

9- SproutSocial

10- SocialFlow

Stay tuned for more social media marketing tricks and tips!

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