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Exploring the Old and New in the Top Places to See in Ballarat

Very few places in the world give you the luxury of having a glimpse into its rich history while living in the present amidst the beauty of nature. The town of Ballarat is a must-visit when you go to Australia. It is the largest inland city of Victoria, a melting pot of culture and the arts. The town offers its visitors a unique kind of vacation because of its very history. The top places to see in Ballarat play an important role in the heritage of the country, having a significant part in the history of the country as a whole. If you have the weekend, a few days, or a whole week off, head to Ballarat and visit these memorable sites for an unforgettable vacation.

1. Sovereign Hill

If you want to experience a real treasure hunt adventure, head to Sovereign Hill. This very popular place to visit in Ballarat has been named four times as the country’s best tourist attraction, and for good reason. Sovereign Hill will bring you back to the 1850s, the time of Australia’s gold rush. Most of the equipment that you will see around are originals. The costumed staff is very much in character, bringing delight to all their guests. There is a confectionery factory, a coachbuilder, wheelwright’s plant, and a blacksmith forge where skilled craftsmen can be seen at work. Children especially love panning for gold at the creek where it’s a finders keepers area. Sovereign Hill was opened in 1970 to showcase 60 buildings that were historically modelled, along with the light-and-sound show depicting the Eureka Uprising of 1854. There are many dining options on the museum grounds, and a four-star accommodation within the premises is open to visitors who would like to spend a night or two on-site.

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2. Kryal Castle

Travel back to the medieval times when kings, queens, dragons, wizards, and knights roam the streets. Kryal Castle is an enchanted place that everyone will surely love. You can visit the Dragons Labyrinth to know the legend of Kryal or be a spectator at a medieval joust where knights on horses battle on the main arena. You can see wizards mixing potions, visit the Torture Dungeon and Museum, get lost the maze, or learn archery with your friends. This adventure park modelled after the medieval times has been open since 1974, giving visitors a taste of mysterious times of the past.

3. Art Gallery of Ballarat

At the heart of the central heritage precinct of Ballarat lies Australia’s oldest regional gallery. The Art Gallery of Ballarat is one of the most popular tourist spots in Ballarat. The impressive collection of artwork at the Gallery represents some of the most important works from the colonial to the contemporary period. There are paintings, ceramics, sculptures, as well as other works on paper that give visitors a glimpse of the country’s history. The Gallery was established in 1884 and was moved to its present location in 1890. The heritage-listed building is an architectural treasure with elegant rooms depicting the 19th century. The gallery hosts ticketed events that showcase local and international artists. There is a shop where you can buy souvenirs, art books, and gifts for your loved ones. Cap off your visit at Kittelty’s café where you can enjoy coffee and cakes, excellent endings to your wonderful gallery day.

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4. Ballarat Wildlife Park

If you are travelling with your family especially if there are kids in tow, one of the top places to see in Ballarat is this award-winning park. Founded in 1985, the owners, the Parker family, were firm believers in having a safe place where people and animals can interact. The Ballarat Wildlife Park was built for the conservation of the environment and the wildlife. It is here where animal interactions can happen daily. You can hand-feed a kangaroo, cuddle a wombat, have a snake wrapped around your shoulders, or pat a koala during their Animal Encounter activity. There are local animals like the Tasmanian devil, dingoes, cassowaries, and quokkas, as well as Little Penguins, emus, wombats, and crocodiles. Animals from neighbouring countries also call Ballarat Wildlife Park their home, and you might just see a Komodo dragon or a Sumatran Tiger roaming around. There are guided tours, animal presentations, and talks with animal keepers to complete your relaxing yet education visit at the Park.

5. Creswick Woollen Mills

One of the places you should not miss when visiting Ballarat is this award-winning family-owned business, the last one among the coloured woollen spinning mills in the area. Creswick Woollen Mills provides sustainable, natural, high-quality fibres, all coming from their farm. These luxurious materials come from the alpaca, goat, and sheep grown in the farm where you can walk through an enclosure to pet and feed the animals. The fibres that they produce are used in numerous accessories, homeware, and clothing products. Upon arrival, you will enjoy a cup of coffee before heading to the “A Very Fine Yarn”, an interactive exhibit where you will learn the history of the Mill and see how far natural fibres have come. The Mill café is open not just for coffee but for lunch as well, where the hearty menu showcases the local produce.

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6. Ballarat Botanical Gardens

One of the country’s cool-climate gardens can be found in this town. Ballarat Botanical Gardens is over 150 years old, having opened its doors in 1857. There are gardens, lawns, heritage statuary pavilion, a conservatory, and an Ex-Prisoner of War Memorial in this 40-hectare property. The Prime Ministers Avenue features bronze busts of every prime minister since the Federation. The Botanical Gardens also houses a collection of 12 Italian marble statues donated in 1884. With the rose gardens, mature trees, and immaculate pleasure gardens, there is no doubt that a trip to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens will be a relaxing experience.

7. Eureka Centre Ballarat

One of the most important moments in Australian history is the Battle of the Eureka Stockade. The 1854 Battle was a clash between the colonial troopers and the gold prospectors of the rights of gold miners. The Eureka Centre commemorates the sacrifice of those who fought for the miners’ rights as it led to labour and political reforms that are enjoyed in the country today. The Centre explores the impact of the gold rush in Australia and lets visitors see its effects on the economic and democratic development of the country. At the heart of the Centre is the Eureka Flag, one of Australia’s most treasured artifacts. The flag is a symbol of the country’s fight for democracy, a physical reminder of what our forefathers sacrificed for the freedom that we have today.

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8. Lake Wendouree

The crown jewel of Ballarat is Lake Wendouree, an artificial lake that used to be a stream and a swamp. It was in the middle 1800s when the lake was used recreationally as numerous establishments were set up around it. The manufacturing industry boomed in the area as quarries, flour mills, plant nurseries, gold mining companies, and even a lemonade factory were there. Currently, only the Lake View Hotel established in 1875 is the only remaining original hotel among 13 ones that were set at the lake’s shores. Lake Wendouree hosted the canoeing and rowing events of the 1956 Olympics Games but it went completely dry in 2006. It reached capacity again in 2010 and in 2014, the Lake hosted the World Masters Rowing event. Today, visitors can enjoy several activities around the Lake, such as cycling, bird watching, fishing, and a host of other things like picnics, barbecues, or just simply playing on the playground amidst the beautiful background of Lake Wendouree.

9. Ballarat Tramway Museum

Around Lake Wendouree is a 1.3-kilometre tramline where you can ride a vintage tram which will take you to the Ballarat Tramway Museum. Trams started running in Ballarat in 1887 but these were horse-drawn ones. Electric trams were introduced soon and replaced the horse-drawn trams in 1971. The history of trams, photographs of the times they were used, display panels, and tramcar collection can all be viewed in the Tramway Museum. Be sure to go on this ride that will not only be enjoyable but also educational for the whole family.

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10. Gold Museum

Last but not least is a popular attraction in Ballarat, the Gold Museum. Entry is actually free here as it is included in the fees for Sovereign Hill. The Gold Museum is located on an old mine. The museum showcases multi-media exhibits that show us almost everything about gold. There are displays of gold nuggets found in the area and other gold pieces from different parts of the world. As fascinating as it is to bask in the presence of this precious metal, the Gold Museum also displays a feature on the Eureka Rebellion, the 1854 clash on the rights of gold miners.

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Ballarat is a popular tourist destination in Australia because of the unique sites and experience it offers. The modern history of the country can be felt in this town. There are reminders of significant economic and political points in the country’s history that are celebrated in Ballarat. The cultural impact of the place is not possible to measure, as it is the home of invaluable relics, artifacts and other objects that walk us through our heritage as a people in a backdrop made breathtaking by Mother Nature. By visiting the top places to see in Ballarat, we get the chance to explore flora and fauna, relive the mysterious past, and celebrate the poignant moments of history that made Australia the country that it is today.

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What is Ballarat famous for?

Victoria’s largest inland city, Ballarat is a thriving hub of contemporary arts, events, food, brews and wine, with a fascinating heritage backdrop.

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