Top 10 Periods of the Year to Visit Australia in 2023

Ten Amazing Times of the Year in Australia

Well if you are planning to visit Australia and are not sure when to visit, then here is the good news for you, there is no bad time to visit Australia. The continent country has multiple different things to offer during different time periods of the year. This country is open for you with all its beauty, 365 days a year. We can say that there are no bad weather months to avoid while planning your Australian vacation.

Australia is an outdoor country with mild winters and warm summers. Although different periods of the year highlight different regions of Australia to visit. There are multiple events and festivities of different major cities to be enjoyed in different time periods. Although some of the best, you can find during summer months, that does not mean you have less to do during winters. So, let’s find out together, what are the top 10 periods to visit Australia in 2020.

1. Summer

Aussies summer is famous for Barbie on the beach, although it is a cliche, there are plenty of experiences you can enjoy, while in Australia in summers. Among the best summer destinations in Australia are Sydney and Melbourne. Both these cities offer plenty of festivals during summers, moreover, the locals of both cities are relaxed. At every New Year’s eve, the Sydney Harbour comes into life with the most stunning fireworks of the world and after that, the Sydney Festival starts which is a feast for your aesthetics. As soon as the festival ends, Chinese New Year, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and different festivities begin in the city. February is somehow a rainy month, which adds to the glamour of this city.
When talking about Melbourne, its events are more crammed up as compared to Sydney. The Chinese New Year and Midsumma are greatest highlights to Melbourne’s summer. During the second half of January, Melbourne hosts the Australian Open. It is fun to be in Melbourne during the summers due to incredible sporting events. The weather of Melbourne, however, is unpredictable during December, because there are literally four seasons in a single day. Besides Sydney and Melbourne, the cities like Queensland, Brisbane, Tasmania, Cairns and Darwin are among the favourite destinations for summers.

2. Autumn Season

Ten Amazing Times of the Year in Australia

Another good time to visit Australia is Autumn. During Autumn, there are no summery days in the big cities, but it is still warm enough to enjoy your days on beaches. If you are trying to avoid humidity on the beach, then you must visit during May. Autumns are a great choice to visit the traditional family spots like Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, because the prices are low in this season, moreover, these places are less crowded. It is considered to be the most comfortable time of the year to visit outback Australia. If you are in Australia during Autumn then you must travel on the inland road between Sydney and Melbourne and enjoy the stunning colours of autumn. This season is considered to be the best season to visit the capital, Canberra.
Melbourne not only offers colours and wacky antics of Autumn, but also the spectacular and musical Moomba Festival. And if you want to enjoy the weather to the fullest, then join the famous Birdman Rally in Melbourne, where people jump into the Yarra River all set in wings costume. Adelaide and Perth are also at their best in Autumn. Both these cities are uncomfortable due to warm weather in summer. But in Autumn, Adelaide and Perth begin their festival calendar. Adelaide, also known as ‘The Festival State’ offers you classic culture, fantastic food, and wonderful wine at the Adelaide Festival and the Adelaide Fringe during March. The Ningaloo Reef region is another worth visiting place during Autumn. At this place, we can enjoy while diving between the whale sharks as they are spotted from March to October and sometimes November too.

3. Winters

If you think Australia is all about beaches and summers, then you are mistaken. This continent country can offer you as much as snowfields for skiing. Amazed? We were too when we first came to know. The Snowy Mountains in Australia are among the best ski spots you can ever find, except that of New Zealand. Winters in Australia is your chance to change your thinking about this country. Melbourne and Adelaide will take you on a trip down the cultural lane. The chilly mornings of Melbourne can be enjoyed with artists and exhibitions in museums and galleries. Adelaide hosts the largest cabaret festival of the world in June and Melbourne hosts this festival, which is the second-largest in the world in July.
How can we miss the fun and entertainment in Sydney with Vivid, which is an incredible live music festival where from late May to early June you can experience the free light-based art installations in the downtown. Weather in the city is comparatively drier during winters. And if you are a fan of Sydney Harbour then a winter day is the best time to visit the harbour to observe its colours and sights naturally at their best.

4. Spring

Mild temperatures and few tourists make spring another awesome weather to visit Australia. Sports lovers are most welcome during spring because this is the season of sports. Although this country is sports maniac for the whole year long, if you visit during spring then the sports are at their best, especially in Melbourne. Australian Rules football season ends in September. This league fever is so high in Melbourne that it is a public holiday on the Friday before the grand final weekend. If you are visiting Australia during spring, then make sure to visit Victoria, which enjoys its sports holidays very interestingly. There is a horse race in Australia which is titled as ‘the race that stops the nation’.
Besides sports, another springtime attraction in Australia is watching the whales. During May, the whales move towards the north for warm waters. Hence in Spring, these whales return to Australia with their newborn calves and can be spotted regularly. There are amazing whale watching spots on Australia coast. Another reason to visit Australia in spring is wine. Spring is the wine-growing region in Australia. You can also spot kangaroos and many wild animals in the Kangaroo island during this season, and if you are lucky enough you will get to see native wild animals who are nurturing their babies.

5. December for Gold Coast

The best time period of the year to visit the Gold Coast in December. It is just an hour-long drive from Brisbane and offers beautiful weather around the year. The most popular beach destination on the Gold Coast is Surfers Paradise. Sydney is just at a distance of 500 miles from the Gold Coast and is the centre of the most stunning beaches including Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach and Manly Beach. So if you are planning a beach holiday in the Gold Coast and nearby beaches, then plan for December, as it is an ideal period to visit.

6. January and February for Australia’s beaches

Another favourite time period to visit the beaches on the Australian coast is from January to February. Just a relaxing summer morning on the crystal clear waters of the Bondi Beach or turquoise waters and white sands of Whitsundays Islands in Australia is hard to beat. So book your vacation to Australia in summer and enjoy these beaches on their full bloom. Some beaches might have saltwater crocodiles or box jellyfish or sometimes some creepy ocean critters, so it is better not to swim before knowing everything. For this purpose, ask the locals to clear all the doubts. And to avoid the fear of sharks, swim in the ocean pools, netted beaches or between the lifeguard flags, because the safest season to avoid sharks vary every year.

7. Late Autumn to Visit the Wine Country

We all know that one of the reasons behind Australia’s fame is its outclass wine. The wine in the country is so famous that Australia is sometimes called the Wine Country. Late autumn is the best season to visit Australia, if your purpose of visiting is the best wine in the town. There are around 60 active wine regions spread across the country from Hunter Valley, New South Wales to Swan Valley. During Autumn, many regions in Australia hold awesome wine festivals. Late Autumn is a well known time for harvesting festivals, so plan your trip accordingly and visit from April to early June. if you want to visit most of the vineyards, then stay in South Australia. Here lies, more than one-third of the wine regions of the country, with more than 200 cellars to try them.

8. September and October for Cheap Trip to Australia

If you are low on budget and still want to visit this magically mesmerizing country, we still have options for you. For staying low in budget, you must visit Australia during September. December and January are among the most expensive time to visit Australia due to the holidays and summer being the prime season of tourism. According to statistics, the cheapest month to visit Sydney or Melbourne are September and October. If you have flexibility in the timing of plan, then find the best deals for yourself and plan accordingly. And if your time is inflexible, then find the local flights for travelling within Australia, that will not let you out of your budget.

9. Winters for the Great Barrier Reef

When we plan to visit Australia, most of us think about visiting the Great Barrier Reef. But, we seriously do not know what is the best time of the year to visit the Great Barrier Reef. The reef remains warm throughout the year and during summer the temperature might rise up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit with a lot of tropical rain. The wet season on the Great Barrier Reef comes during summer and spring, due to which tourists cannot see the beauty of the region properly. So winter is the best time to visit and have a look at the most wonderful creation and the largest living body on the planet earth.

10. Autumn – The Dry Season

The dry season or Autumn is also among the best seasons to visit the Great Barrier reef and to explore the underwater beautiful life hosted by Australian beaches. During Autumn, the tides around the mighty Great Barrier Reef are gentle and produce good breaks for excellent snorkelling conditions. The southern regions of the country are good for hiking during this season. The comfortable temperature makes it an excellent time to explore and enjoy Australia.


It can be said that no time is bad to see Australia, but the best time of your visit depends on the place you want to see. The northern half of Australia can be best explored in the dry season from April to September, where you can enjoy visiting national parks and beaches for swimming and barbecues. Whereas December to February and March to May is the lovely season to visit the southern part of the country. Plenty of festivals take place during these seasons. So plan your trip according to your preferences.



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