Top 10 Of The Best Country Towns To See In Australia

Visit Australia for these Superb Country Towns

In Oceania, Australia is the largest country. This country owes its beauty to the Indian and Pacific Oceans which enclose it. The country is rightfully said as a traveller’s paradise as it has maintained its position in the bucket list of every traveller in this world. Whether you visit to observe its architecture in Sydney Opera House, or the natural wonders in the form of Great Barrier Reef, or the mysterious wonders in form of Uluru rocks, this country has a lot to offer. Besides the big sights and cities, Australia offers a treat in the form of small towns. Australian towns are attractive and also reward you with a peaceful atmosphere. Some of the most scenic small towns in Australia are described in this article.

1.Yamba, New South Wales

Yamba, New South Wales, the place which offers some of the best surfing breaks, is a small town in Australia. Although whole of the massive Australian coastline is very famous among surfers from around the globe, but places like Yamba have a charm of their own. This little town offers a perfect climate with a quasi-bohemian lifestyle. The most famous place for surfing in Yamba is Angourie Point Break, which is considered to be the jewel in the crown of Yamba. This place is for expert surfers. But Yamba also offers Turners break for beginners which is a safe option to surf. You can also spot dolphins and whales while you swim on Turners Break. The most famous tourist attraction in Yamba is Yuraygir National Park, which can be accessed by hiking for multiple days. So visit Yamba, while you stay in Australia and enjoy surfing, camping and swimming.

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2. Port Fairy

Port Fairy is the oldest port in Victoria. It is situated between Adelaide and Melbourne. Previously Port Fairy was famous to be a home for whalers and sealers, but recently it has emerged as the town which serves some of the best and freshest seafood in Australia, all hail to its new delicious cafes and restaurants. While your stay in Port Fairy, you can enjoy a walk to look at the local biodiversity in Griffiths Island. You can also drive to Tower Hills Wildlife reserve which houses an extinct volcano, biodiversity including koalas and emus, and an aboriginal heritage as well. You can also visit the lighthouses in the area, the 19th-century famous cottage and above all, keep on strolling the foreshore. This town is very famous for its fishing and tourism and is known to be the most livable town in Australia. The Port Fairy Folk Festival which is hosted by this town is the largest and oldest folk music festival in Australia.


Esperance hosts the most outstanding beachfront in Australia. It is located in Western Australia and is famous to be crazily gorgeous. One of the most amazing tourist attraction in Esperance is its Lake Hillier, which is commonly known as the Pink Lake. The lake is famous around the world and tourists visit this place, just for the sake of this lake. While you are in Esperance, you can take a one day cruise and travel to isolated rock islands which line the coast in the right season. You can also camp in middle of any of the islands in Esperance and experience nature in its wild form. Another famous thing in Esperance is Cyclops, which are the world’s heaviest waves for surfing. You can spend your day surfing in the best waves, snorkelling or scuba diving. And if you just want to chill, all you have to do is reach Cape Le Grand National Park to sunbathe with kangaroos. The beaches in this town are so relaxing and beautiful, but for finding a patch of white sand for yourself on the beach, you have to compete with its residents, the kangaroos. If you are lucky enough, you can also spot whales, sea eagles and dolphins swimming with you. You can also drive on Great Ocean Drive which is a relaxing experience of around 40 kilometers.

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4.Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance is home to the longest uninterrupted beaches on the globe, the Ninety Mile Beach. The Ninety Mile Beach is known to be a paradise for people who love fishing, sunbathing and surfing as it offers perfect point breaks. You can also enjoy a relaxing long walk on the sand of beach. Lakes Entrance is also known to house a number of famous beaches in Australia. When you are in Lakes Entrance you can visit and discover the very famous Gippsland Lakes. These are basically a network of lakes, marshes and lagoons which covers an area of more than 600 square kilometers. If you are a history lover, this place has something to offer to you too, you can visit Nyerimilang Homestead to go back in time. The Griffiths Sea Shell Museum located in Lakes Entrance is famous to exhibit beautiful Australian seashells and different sea life artefacts.

5. Apollo Bay

The Apollo Bay is a small town located in the heart of the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road is famous for being the most scenic touring roads in the world. It also offers a number of natural highlights to observe while you travel. The Apollo Bay is among one of the treasures offered by the Great Ocean Road. It surely is among the most scenic small towns in Australia. The Great Otway National Park is the most famous attraction in this town, where you can find amazing cafes, restaurants, museums and beaches. You can dine in and eat fresh salmon or lobsters in any of the lovely restaurants. Some of the most incredible festivals including Apollo Bay Music Festival and Apollo Bay Seafood Festival are hosted by this little town. If you want to explore Melba Gully for its glow worms or Koala population of Kennett River, then Apollo Bay will act as a perfect base to start your tour.

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6. Margaret River

Margaret River is known to be one of the world-class surfing locations of Margie Rivs. The town, also known as the unofficial capital of Western Australia is also famous for Margaret River Wine region and it’s all-time famous caves. The Mammoth Cave which is the most incredible and famous cave in this region is known to be the home of fossils which are as old as more than 35000 years. It is a multi-chambered cave and is a must visit. The most astonishing fact about Margaret River is that it is located in the heart of one of the 34 globally acknowledged biodiversity hotspot and the only such place in Australia.

7. Broome

Broome is house to the spectacular 22 kilometres long Cable Beach on which you can enjoy camel rides. It surely is a jewel or we can say a pearl on the crown of Australia’s west coast. This small town is so amazing that it also houses its own international airport. The town is also known to possess one of the most mysterious spots in Australia, the horizontal waterfalls. Among the tourist attractions are the Willie Creek Pearl Farm which is famous for peculiar pearls, and Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, where you can play with crocodiles. The place also hosts the ‘Festival of the Pearl’ in Shinju Matsuri during late August every year. This festival celebrates the Asian culture in this area.

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8. Augusta

The Jarrah Forest surrounds one of the most amazing town in Australia, Augusta. It is located on the Blackwood River estuary. Although the population in this town is rather sleepy and atmosphere is chilled, but this town is a spectacular place for tourists to visit. Tourists from around the world visit this town for its famous rocky headlands of Cape Leeuwin, Jewel Cave at Hamelin Bay, wonderful white sand beaches, and the Historical Museum. You can also enjoy a boating or diving experience at the Hamelin Bay Wreck Trail. While in Australia, make sure to visit Augusta, a small town which is waiting for you with all its amazingness and wonders.

9. Airlie Beach, Queensland

Airlie beach is a prototypical beach resort town, situated on the coast of Whitsunday in Queensland. This town is very famous among locals and tourists because it is known to be the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef, which are the main reasons for visitors around the year. Besides these, Airlie beach offers a high nightlife because it hosts a number of clubs and backpacker bars. You can enjoy a large number of water activities while you are in this town. From cruising, to jet skiing, sailing trips, snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving, everything can be enjoyed in this town. Another interesting activity on Airlie beach is the air tours, from which you can observe the town and its nearby islands. If you want to swim, you can head to the manmade lagoon, because there is a large variety of jellyfish population on the beach.

10. Port Douglas

Port Douglas which is a doorway to the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful town in Australia. The town offers its visitor an amazing experience of natural exploration. Besides the nature, Port Douglas also hosts a number of luxury beach resorts and marvellous restaurants. Some of the most amazing activities in this town are snorkelling and diving where you can explore the mightiness of the ocean and amazing colorful fish. Another activity which can be performed in this area is the train towards jungles of Mossman Gorge, also known as the Kuranda Rainforest Village. You can also relax on Port Douglas by walking on the Four Mile Beach, which is the most top-rated beach in Australia or you can start your tour towards the Great Barrier Reef by going to the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina.

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The mighty Australia has a lot more to offer to its tourists besides its iconic landscapes and ever active cities. It surely is a marvelous country to visit. Some of the smaller towns in this country are worth a visit. They are more rewarding as compared to many big places. So you must visit the most amazing small towns in Australia, during your trip

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