Top 10 Most Quirky/Unusual Hotels to Stay in Australia in 2023

Ten Different Australian Hotels for Unique Experiences

While planning a trip we investigate certain aspects. Like the mode of transportation, money, places that we’ll visit, the stay duration and whatnot. Much the same as that, another, an important feature is the accommodation. Where to stay when you have reached your destination? Do you want a hotel or hostel or you want to rent a cottage or a bungalow? Travellers have different preferences. To some people, it doesn’t matter the kind of lodging that is provided to them if they are getting the chance at exploration. But a trip is incomplete if you don’t enjoy where you are staying so it is important to do some proper research and pre-bookings before you start travelling.

Australia is a country of many astounding qualities. It has many layers and as you unfold each of them you will find it more entertaining and beautiful than the last one. With its beautiful beaches and gorgeous mountains and amazing landscapes, Australia is a frequently visited country by tourists and honestly what’s not to like. But along with all that, Australia has many quirky and remarkable and unique hotels that are bound leave a lasting impression on your mind. Not only will they make your trip more unique, but you will also come to understand that there is nothing that this island continent lacks. There are many unusual hotels in Australia. These quirky Australian hotels will steal your heart and when you go home and talk about your trip, they will undoubtedly bring a smile on your face. Here are ten quirky Australian hotels.


First on our list of unusual hotels in Australia is for the crocodile lovers, this place is your true calling. With four-star accommodations, this quirky hotel is in Jabiru, near Kakadu best tourist attractions. This eccentric Australian hotel has the exterior of a giant crocodile, giving it a unique look. If you ever had an odd fetish of sitting inside a crocodile then your fantasies have come true.

1 Flinders Street, Jabiru NT

(08) 8979 9000

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Are you into stars and constellations and planetary positions? Do you believe in sun signs? This astrology lodging by the name, Ultimo Hotel, is just five minutes’ walk from Sydney’s Central Station and that just makes your travelling easier. If you believe in astrology and like staying in remarkable and unique hotels then this eccentric Australian hotel is written in the stars for you. The staff takes complete care of providing you with an authentic experience. It offers various astrology packages for different guests depending on their star signs. Their menus have special astrology teas as well as a library full of books about celestial objects. So, if all of this sounds up your alley, then don’t waste a moment and book your stay for a star-crossed experience.

37 Ultimo Rd, Haymarket NSW

(02) 9281 5555


Are you an animal lover? Have you always had an affinity towards Zoo? The second lodging on our list of quirky Australian hotels is the Taronga zoo. No, you don’t have to sleep in cages! Taronga zoo is one of the most spectacular zoos in the world and above all that you can enjoy the gorgeous view of the Sydney Harbour. This is an experience you will never forget. Buffet night followed by a warm safari and a cosy experience in an all-purpose built tent. The next morning, your breath will be stolen away by the most beautiful sunrise you will notice. It is a once in a lifetime experience for kids and adults alike.

Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW

(02) 9969 2777

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Are you a fan of the Lord of The Rings? Have you always wanted to experience spending a night in a cave? This place is for adventure seekers, who do not settle for normal. The eccentric Australian hotel is 90 minutes from Melbourne. If you with bored of fancy walls and tiled flooring and want to experience something raw then you should give this place a try. One of the most unusual hotels in Australia.

1395 Bloomfield Rd, Crossover ViC

(03) 5626 7200


It looks better than it sounds. The thought of spending your trip sleeping in a jail cell might repel some travellers but it is a different experience altogether. Originally a prison cell in the 1850s, this place was then converted into a hostel and now the wave of tourism has taken over making it into an eccentric Australian hotel. You can book your stay in one of the prison cells and if that somewhat freaks you out then the guard cottages are available for the tourists.

1 The Terrace, Fremantle WA

(08) 9336 9200


Have you never fantasied about sleeping with the sound of waves crashing around you? Extending our list of quirky Australian hotels to the country’s shores, you can stay at the lighthouse keeper’s cottage and enjoy a sensory experience inside these self-contained cottages. Both the cottages are fully furnished and have modern appliances to fulfil their basic needs. Various tourist attractions surround the lighthouse and the best of them all is watching this lighthouse spread its light across the sea and illuminating the night.

1 Kinka Rd, Seal Rocks NSW

(02) 4997 6590


Can’t have enough of the sea, this lodging is for you. In the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, enjoy a night with the stars above and the vast sea below. It will be an experience you will never forget. One of the remarkable and unique hotels in Australia offers many other activities that will make it worth your stay. You can go snorkelling, diving, swimming and exploring the world-famous reef. And while you do all these adventure sport during the day, you can enjoy a peaceful night from the deck as you look out at the vastness of water and the waves crashing all around you filled with occasional glimpses of the aquatic animals.

24 Port Drive, Airlie Beach QLD 4

(07) 4846 7006

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Think camping. But more fun. Continuing with our list of unusual hotels in Australia, residing in the Karijini National Park, a bunch of eco-tents and cabins offer stunning views of Western Australia. You don’t have to worry about putting up your tent, all of it is available to you. And even though it might feel like you are aeons away from any civilization, the retreat offers you finger-licking food that you can enjoy in the warmth of your tent. With millions of stars above you, this is more than just some five-star experience. You get to experience Australia at its best.

Off Weano Road Karijini, National Park WA

(08) 9425 5591

9. The Capsule Hotel

This should be on your list of unusual hotels in Australia. Ever wondered what it felt to live in a capsule? This hotel will clear your doubts. Located in Sydney, these capsule hotels are 1.1 metres wide and 2.1 metres high, but despite the small space, the eccentric Australian hotel keeps your comfort into account. These capsules are not for those who don’t like confined spaces. But if you are a light traveller and believe in exploration rather than staying in your room then these capsules are perfect for you. Located in the heart of Sydney amongst many other remarkable and unique hotels, you can easily carry out your travelling and enjoy your stay at this unusual hotel.

640 George St, Sydney NSW

(02) 8957 7763


Talking about remarkable and unique hotels, Hahndorf old mill hotel has all the perfect qualities. Before this place offered its services like a restaurant, bar and hotel, this was a steam mill in 1857, it provided farmers with seed grains and other services for over 60 years. The eccentric Australian hotel provides you with different chalets and various accommodation options that you can choose as per your preference. There are spa-chalets, triple room chalets, single spa chalets and other options are available for those who want to go easy on their pockets.

98 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5

(08) 8388 7888

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Lodging is a very important part of any trip. Even if you are travelling alone or with friends or family, it is important that you have a hotel that takes care of your needs and adds something extra to your experience. However, sometimes it is good if you step out of your comfort zone and try new things because that is an exhilarating feeling. There are quirky and unusual hotels in Australia that are no less than those in other parts of the world and people stay there because it makes the journey more memorable. There are many quirky Australian hotels that are going to amplify your stay in this country and making your journey more exciting story to tell. Normal is good and safe but it is also boring. If you don’t try new places you won’t know how they feel and if they are according to your taste or not. Try new hotels, enjoy their hospitality and spread the word. Because if you enjoyed it then you must spread the love about a place that is working to stand out and to make a name for itself in the market. These are but a few quirky Australian hotels but you should give them a try.



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