Top 10 Most Confusing Road Rules in Australia

Australia’s Ten Most Confusing Road Rules

When you own a car and have a license it is obvious that you know the road rules, however, when you are a traveller from another country or travelling from one Australian state to another, you will be surprised by the strange and confusing road rules.

1. Honking your Horn

If you visit someone or before you drive off it is customary to honk a goodbye or when you see someone you know, you honk as well. Beware though, if you honk at any time except to warn animals or other road users of your presence when they do not notice you, you can get a hefty fine amounting to hundreds of dollars.

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2. A Dirty Numberplate

If you go off-roading or driving anywhere where it is muddy, you will need to pull over and ensure that your number plate remains clean. If any part of your number plate is unreadable or obscured, you can get up to $415 in fine.

3. Splash Pedestrians While Driving

It is totally unclear what you should do when you drive through the rain and there is a puddle of water and pedestrians on the sidewalk, especially when they are waiting for a bus, as you can be fined for splashing them with mud and water. Should you take a different route, stop in the middle of the road or swerve into an oncoming vehicle? Or more realistically just drive very slowly!

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4. Music in your Car

When you love your great sound system in your car, be sure that police officers are not. When you blast your music with an open window, you will be fined if you do not heed a warning to turn it down.

5. Napping After A Few Too Many Drinks

No law states that you are not allowed to sleep in a car, however, only when you do not have intent to drive at all at any point. Your keys do not have to be in the ignition either, but as soon as you are taking a nap in the driver’s seat you can get up to $1400 fine in Queensland and a 10-month suspension. If you partied or feel tired, get an Uber or a taxi instead.

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6. 10% speed limit myth

Most people believe that you can exceed the speed limit by 10% and still be safe, however, you are not having any grace kilometres at all. Even a few kilometres over the legal zone limit carries a fine.

7. Driving Too Slow

You are not allowed to drive too slowly, as you have seen by the above law, but driving too slowly is equally bad. The fine for driving too slowly is even higher than driving a few kilometres an hour too fast.

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8. Using a GPS App or Google Maps

If you don’t have a built-in GPS, you need to get a cradle for your mobile phone as you are not allowed to have your phone in your hand at any given time. While Google Maps is one of the most popular and used route directors, don’t think of using it in Australia.

9. Passing an Uneasy Horse

While it is unlikely to pass a horse in any CBD, the rural and regional Southeast Queensland areas have plenty of horses. When you notice a horse that looks uneasy you are not allowed to drive past or stop and restart your engine until the horse is out of sight or you might spook it. You can get a steep fine if you make yourself guilty to this.

10. Left Indicating, Even When Going Straight At The Roundabout

Canberra has the most confusing road rule. When you enter a roundabout and intend to go straight, you still need to indicate left while using the correct lane. While people might think you are going left when using your left indicator, simply moving around the circle means you are turning left. How weird is that?

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Final Thoughts

Brush up on your road rules when travelling in Australia and make sure you are armed with our top ten most confusing road rules before getting into trouble with the local cops.



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