Top 10 Jobs in Australia in 2023

Ten In-demand Jobs Australia 2023

In this era of the fourth industrial revolution where automation has taken the world by storm, the apprehension of robots dominating industries has unfolded distress and ignited a new debate. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of industrial niches entailing human interventions.

Australia and the rest of the world are constantly but gradually undergoing through economic, social, environmental, cultural, scientific and technological challenges – both anticipated and unforeseen. In the midst of these challenges, employment opportunities are increasing with new job genres springing up day by day.

Interesting to mention here is the fact that the majority of future jobs do not even exist today. More likely, many occupations will transmute or disappear in the future but all the same, today’s technological advancements will determine future jobs. This brings us to our point: what would be the top 10 jobs in Australia in 2023?

Fascinatingly during the past few years, Australians have landed almost 1 million new jobs. Here, we will explore topmost careers that you may like to adopt if you are heading to Australia for a job. You must start considering these jobs which will be high in-demand in 2023.

1. Data Scientist

With STEM careers surfacing during the last couple of years, it won’t be surprising to see data scientists outstripping other professions in the coming years. In every sector, organizations are looking for competent and qualified data scientists who can mine through piles of data and convert it into valuable and practical information. If you have deep knowledge or skill-based understanding of programming languages and a degree in STEM fields preferably in computer science and mathematics, you must not hold yourself but apply for a data scientist position in Australia where this market is expanding by degrees. Inspiringly, if you are a data scientist in Australia, you can cash up to AU$100,000 annually.

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2. Nursing

Healthcare is considered to be the principal and fastest growing industry in Australia and is estimated to have the biggest employment growth in the next two to three years. As licensed practitioners, registered nurses take the leading role in healthcare systems by assisting doctors. They are expected to record patients’ symptoms and medical histories of patients, perform diagnostic tests and analyse their results, provide assistance during quarantine, and oversee medications. But most importantly, the reason for which the nursing profession is admired the most is the emotional support that nurses provide to patients and their loved ones.
In Australia, due to an increase in the proportion of the longer-living and ageing population, the healthcare system is in need of non-physician healthcare professionals with the right kind and level of education so as to diagnose and treat patients with different ailments. In the coming years, more than two million jobs for registered nurses are expected to be available in Australia. This profession will be high in-demand in the coming years and the expected annual salary of registered nurses in Australia is between AU$50,000 – AU$90,000.

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3. Blockchain Developer

Once based solely on the development of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is now equally regarded by governments, corporations and startups. This technology which has taken the world by storm offers considerable advantages to enterprises that have led to the genesis of large-scale companies. The increasing hype of cryptocurrency and a small pool of skilled blockchain developers have concomitantly heightened the demand for blockchain developers in Australia. This has led to the creation of an immense job market and employment opportunities. You can develop an illustrious career in Australia and earn as much as AU$450,000 if are a blockchain developer.

4. Construction Manager

The construction market in Australia is thriving and is likely to scale-up in the coming years. Charged with the responsibility of overseeing on-site contractors and working in close association with relevant stakeholders such as architects, inspectors and suppliers, construction managers create equilibrium between different nodes of this volatile industry. Not only will you need a relevant degree but also an on-site experience to work in Australia as a construction manager.

5. Education Aide

All those who have a passion to work with children in classrooms must consider working as an education aide. In Australia, you can fairly earn an average of AU$45,000 by assisting teachers in creating an engaging and fun-filled learning environment for students. Besides, by employing your clerical skills, you can aid in scheduling tasks and preparing lesson plans. You can also polish your communications skills further by interacting with the parents and discussing students’ progress. Though you may not need a degree certification in this domain will equip you with the necessary knowledge and essential skills required for the job of teacher’s aide.

6. Software and Applications Developers

In this digital era, undoubtedly the demand for software and app developers has increased manifolds. Whether or not you hold a degree in IT, if you have a knack for programming and are an adroit coder, you will love being an app developer in Australia not to mention the handsome salary that you will enjoy. In this country, developers and coders are generally paid an annual salary of AU$70,000. If you are a passionate coder, you will find yourself indulged in conducting program tests, reviewing and maintaining systems, writing manuals, debugging, recovering certain faulty applications and working side by side with analysts, web developers, and graphic designers.

7. Public Relations Officer

Do you have strong communication and interpersonal skills, considerable analytical abilities and appreciable decision making power? Then Public Relations Officer might be the job you will find more than interesting. It is a good start to learn basics and then moving up and beyond though a fair process where you will work to seek new opportunities, sponsorships and partnerships for your company; sketch public relation strategies; develop marketing campaigns; write press releases and speeches; and communicate with key persons. Not only this, during your career as a PR officer, you get trained in handling crisis. If you are finding a job in Australia in this domain, you must have a bachelor’s degree in advertising, public relations, marketing or the like. An annual salary between AU$39,583 – AU$75,460 is paid to public relations officer in Australia.

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8. Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager just like PR officer works with companies for patronages and develops marketing campaigns but the job of advertising manager is more drawn towards creativity. You will find yourself on the top of commercial photo shoots and other ventures for promotional purposes. Being on the forefront to attract new clients, partners, sponsors and customers is also an interesting part of this job. In Australia, the demand for advertising manager in 2020 will be high with a salary between AU$50,000 – AU$100,000. Getting this job is definitely not a piece of cake, you will need an educational background in advertising, management and the like since this is a managerial job, with sufficient experience in the field.

9. Sales Assistant

By working at the front line of companies, sales assistant ensure a high level of customer service by helping clients in product selection, addressing their concerns and guaranteeing the smooth running of the transactions. If you have good interpersonal and communication skills, have a passion to interact with people, have appreciable problem-solving skills, ability to work efficiently in a team, and the hankering to help people, then you are quite apt for the job of the sales assistant. Having prior experience in this niche is a plus point! In Australia, sales assistants are one of the most wanted people in the industry and they are paid AU$36,000 – AU$55,000 annually.

10. Childcare Worker

Top 10 Jobs in Australia in 2020

Do you have a knack for handling children in the absence of their parents? Are you good at feeding, washing and changing their nappies? Then the job of a childcare worker fits you squarely. You can earn an average of AU$45,000 in Australia if you have a fondness for kids and like babysitting. A childcare worker in Australia can work without a degree but it is not that easy! You will require a certain kind of certification in childcare to be a daycare worker. It will help you learn the skills necessary for communicating with children and taking their care.


Australia is not just about beautiful beaches, amazing national parks, whimsical islands, and tantalizing barbeques, the country has some of the world’s best industries that offer a number of employment opportunities for fresh graduates. While exploring employment opportunities in Australia check out these options. One of these could be your future job!



We all need an ideal job, a handsome salary, fringe benefits and above all a steady employment. You need a set of skills for your ideal job and if you are planning to start a new career in Australia, you need to know these top in-demand careers of 2023.

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