Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Discover the Beauty of Australia

Top 10 Awesome Australian Instagram’s Worth Checking Out

If you are still in doubt whether to visit Australia or not and if you are finding reasons to visit Australia, then you have still not visited these Instagram accounts. These accounts have described the beauty of Australia to its best. And why should they not? The beauty of Australia, from majestic landscapes, mighty beaches to marvellous animals, is instagrammable. So here are the top 10 Instagram accounts, you should follow to discover the beauty of Australia in 2020.

1. Laurenepbath

Laurenepbath is an Instagram account run by Lauren Bath. The account has more than 454 thousand Australian Instagram followers. Lauren Bath is famous to be the first professional Instagrammer from Australia. Australia being her birthplace, Lauren has described the beauty so well, that you can plan your tour to Australia by just giving a look to her account. The way she has described Australia, we can see that the country is beautiful as well as dangerous. The Instagrammer is a scuba diver as well as a trekker. She shares her experiences of exploration of the traditions of the country and the travel secrets.

2. Australia

@Australia is the official Instagram account of travel and tourism in Australia. In this account, you will find out that how much instagrammable Australia is. This Instagram account shares pictures of all regions of Australia. From beautiful beaches to mysterious places, from landscapes to mountains, everything is covered on this account. It also adds information with each post for knowledge sharing. The information it shares is very interesting, adding a glow to the post. After viewing this insta account, you will surely be visiting Australia soon.

3. _markfitz

_markfitz has well described the dream lifestyle of Australia. If we have to pick one insta account for describing the lifestyle of Australia, then _markfitz would be our pick. The account is run by Mark who uploads such shiny pictures of Australia that we will fall in love with the region. His Instagram account is filled with sunshine, sunrises, sunsets, beaches, rainforests and much more. The most insta famous picture of this account is of Terry the turtle, who is saluting the camera.


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4. Mattglastonbury

If you want to examine the beauty and reasons to travel to Australia through official accounts, then you must visit Mattglastonbury on Instagram. Matt basically is a professional photographer who is known to work with giants like Google and Cannon. He lives in Tasmania, Australia and mostly captures the Tasmanian beauty. One of his hobbies besides photography is Kayaking, and he keeps on uploading its pictures. His account is an amalgam of beautiful landscapes, natural beauties and aurora shots from his tent. He believes that the best photos can be captured in the middle of nowhere.

5. Gasbscanu

Here we bring to you another professional photographer covering the incredibility of Australia. If you are visiting the Instagram account of Gasbscanu, we are sure that you will fall more and more in love with Australia, with his every shot. The landscapes he captures and the awesomeness depicted in these landscapes will leave your mouth open. Looking at the pictures on the account, you will feel like you are out of this world. He has captured the most stunning waterbodies of Australia from the air.

6. theloveassembly

theloveassembly Instagram account is run by Aubrey Daquinag who works with Conde Nast Traveler. Due to her work, she needs to travel all along Sydney and gets the chance to fulfil his hobbies. She has shared many of her favourite photos describing the beauty of Sydney on this Instagram account. She also informs about some helpful travel tips to make your tour a little easier. She also describes the secret spots of Sydney in her account. If you have followed theloveassembly on your Instagram, you will agree with us that your loved would have been assembled with Australia due to this account.

7. jewelszee

After following jewelszee, you will totally start loving Queensland, as much as we do. The account owner lives in Queensland, which is her hometown. She captures the miraculous beauty of her hometown and uploads it on the account so the world can see. She not only covers the beaches and animals, for which Queensland is famous, she also photographs deserts. Her account will remind us of the refreshing awesomeness of Asia and Oceania. She has beautifully depicted the hidden jewels in Australia in the form of its immense natural sightings.

8. Paulyvella

If you want to see Australia from the eyes of a traveller, then follow Paulyvella on Instagram and you are good to go. He is originally from Sydney, but he travels a lot and captures the amazingness of Australia. His account is filled with unique animals and natural landscapes of the region. Looking at his photographs, we will come to know that Australia is purely a picturesque beauty.

9. Sydney

If you want to have information about the most famous tourist attractions in Sydney, then you must follow this official Sydney account. You will get a good idea of all of the places to be visited while you are in Sydney. The best shots of Sydney are displayed on this account. Sydney itself is an iconic beauty, it’s sunsets and beaches are famous for being mind-blowing. All of these can be found under a single account, Sydney on Instagram.

10. lifeintheslowlane

Another famous account to observe the beauty of Australia is lifeintheslowlane. Liss Connel runs this account and will tell us everything about living the life we usually dream about. She has travelled a lot in Australia through an eternal road trip. On this account, she writes about her experiences and illustrates them with photographs of famous and not-so-famous landscapes of Australia. She has three hobbies, travelling, meeting new people and eating chocolate. She describes every experience on her Instagram account from beauty to the mystery.


Instagram is an altogether new world. It can be used to enhance tourism and travelling. There are many Instagram accounts which promote the beauty of their respective countries. While talking about Australia, we will definitely fall in love with the country due to the beautiful portrayal of lifestyle and nature highlights of the country in Instagram accounts.



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