Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia in 2023

Ten Great Australian Dog Breeds

The Aussies are a fascinating bunch of people living in a fascinating country. Everything about Australia is great, the environment and natural beauty, fauna and flora and glorious beaches too. When you think about the Aussie fauna you immediately think about koalas and kangaroos, not true? However, what about the outstanding dog breeds in Australia. The Australian dog breeds are unique in temperament and appearance. While we have magnificent dogs that everybody loves there are some that stand out.

The top dog breeds in Australia in 2023

1. Australian Kelpie

Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia in 2020

The Australian Kelpie has an appearance that confuses some dog owners as to its origins. FCI classification, however, says the Kelpie is the result of selective breeding between native Australian dog breeds and Northern English Collies. Others believe it is the mixing of dingoes and Border collies. Nevertheless, this is an Australian breed that is immensely popular for its great predisposition to train and work and is a very strong dog. It has a tender expression, almond-shaped eyes and a head resembling a fox. It loves to exercise and has inexhaustible energy.

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2. Australian Silky Terrier

Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia in 2020

The Silky terrier definitely has a Yorkshire terrier somewhere in its bloodline. This Australian dog has British mixture and it was originally used as a hunting dog. In recent years the popularity as companion became more popular as they are wary of strangers but very affectionate to their owners. They get along with other dog breeds very well.

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3. Australian Cattle Dog

Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia in 2020

The Australian cattle dog is known globally but should not be confused with an Australian shepherd dog. The Australian cattle dog is a cross between Highland collies and the dingo. Careful breeding in recent years is the use of other dog breeds in Australia which include kelpies, bull terriers and dalmatians. The result is an amazingly intelligent, endlessly energetic, particularly beautiful and courageous dog. They are very good companions and daily exercise is required and due to its intelligence, it needs physical and mental stimulation.

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4. Australian Staghound

Historically the Staghound was a hunting dog used to hunt boars and kangaroos. It is the perfect pet though and this breed is native to Australia even though other countries consider it a lurcher and has not been recognised as an official breed.

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5. Bull Arab

Bull Arab Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia in 2020

The Bull Arab is incredibly stable, agile and intelligent and a hunting dog breed. They are a collection of interbreeding from breeds like a pointer, greyhound and bull terrier.

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6. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

This breed is born without a tail and strongly related to the shepherd dogs in Australia even though they look different. While it is debatable where they come from except that they are an Australian breed it is presumed that they are a cross between Smithfield dogs and dingoes. These dogs then further evolved and came into contact with Australian sheep dogs and maybe smooth collie dogs. The FCI recognised this breed and they are a registered breed by the Australian kennel club.

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7. Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russel Terrier Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia in 2020

This shared origin breed comes from the UK but predominantly developed in Australia. They are playful, energetic and loyal and excellent companion dogs.

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8. Tenterfield Terrier

This is a true Aussie breed which holds their origins from miniature fox terriers. They are incredibly easy to have as a companion, as they are healthy, resistant, energetic and brave, they are known to live for over 18 years when cared for.

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9. Koolie

In rural areas of Oceania, this breed is extremely popular. The FCI has not recognised this breed though even though they are in abundance in Oceania. This breed share similarities to the Australian shepherds, border kollies and kelpies. They are intelligent, attentive and energetic and very loyal to their owners.

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10. Cavoodle

Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia in 2020

The Cavoodle is Australia’s most popular small designer breed. It is a cross between a miniature poodle and Cavalier King Charles spaniel. They usually reach a height of 35 cm tall and weighs just over five kg and up to 10 kgs. They have an excellent temperament, eager to please, playful, affectionate and smart. They thrive when part of a large family and loves children.

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The saying that a dog is man’s best friend is true wherever you are living in the world. Even though some breeds might not be 100% “Made in Australia”, they might or might not originate from down under, but that they are magnificent animals are undoubtedly true. Before you get a breed you are unfamiliar with check out our Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia in 2020 list and make your choice accordingly.



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