Top 10 Destinations for Female Solo Travellers in Australia 2023

Ten Stunning Australian Destinations for Solo Lady Adventures

Anyone that has been to Australia will tell you the same thing, it is the number one destination that they wish they could visit. You have probably heard that Australia is expensive and yeah, that is true. Planning a trip isn’t done on a whim, it requires careful planning and saving.
Australia is unbelievably interesting with extraordinary cities, beaches and nature. Nothing that you read or see online will prepare you for the outstanding experience that awaits you.

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Is Australia Safe for Female Solo Travellers?

Australia has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and also has one of the planet’s best travel infrastructures. Aussies are incredibly helpful and friendly, and it is easy to travel. In all likelihood is Australia much safer than your own country

Is Australia Good for Female Solo Travellers?

Women that have travelled the world from one end to another, agree that Australia is a terrific place for solo female travellers. Those that have been to forty plus countries and have experience also say that travelling through Australia has been one of the very best.

1. Cairns

Cairns is at the top of the list for many reasons, but the top reasons are the close proximity to both the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. It is also Australia’s fourth most visited city. There is a myriad of trips and tours from Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef. Other trips you can do while in Cairns include Fitzroy Island and Green Island. When you have some cash to splurge consider a scenic helicopter drive, a semi-submarine tour or scuba diving.
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2. Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Barrier Reef too, but moreover, it acts as a starting point to Whitsunday Islands. Airlie Beach is a glorious tourist town with a main street that is fully tourist-oriented with backpacker accommodation, clothing boutiques, souvenir stores, restaurants and cafes.
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3. Sydney to Melbourne

It is always a great idea to build your first trip around large tourist cities such as Sydney which is a must-see destination for a female solo traveller. It offers too much to see and do to start mentioning. However, when you have the time, include Melbourne to your trip and travel from the one to the other.

4. Brisbane

When you want to explore Queensland’s Tropical North, it is a great choice to settle in Brisbane and take the bus or join a day-tour group. From Brisbane, you are only an hour from some of Australia’s magnificent national parks.
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5. Adelaide

Adelaide is great and you don’t even have to pay for transport as the city bikes are free. Here you can learn more about Aboriginal arts and culture at the South Australia Museum, walk about the Botanical Gardens, the wonderful CBD and the 29 parks in Adelaide. Take a bus to Henley Beach or Glenelg Beach or chill at the Adelaide Central Market.

6. Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is not a drive from one destination to another but a drive that you cannot complete in a mere day or two. Stop along the way to soak up the magnificent views including the 12 Apostles, stop off at Torquay which is a great coastal village and carry on to Bells Beach. When you love beaches, nature and even long to spot a koala this is a great trip to do, especially when you take a walk in the rainforest and gumtree forest with daily guided tours.

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7. Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a destination that many might disregard for a solo female traveller, but the number of trips and tours that will take you to experience the uniquely Australian region is a must-do! Alice Springs is thick in culture and history but moreover, you will experience the extraordinary monolith, Uluru with its enormous 348 meters high and 9.4kms circumference.

8. Townsville

Townsville is in the Tropical North Queensland and a fun and heavenly island. Here you can rent a mini-moke which looks like a small golf-cart to access areas otherwise inaccessible by foot. It is extraordinarily beautiful and a must-do is snorkelling, swimming and witnessing the outstanding coral reef where an abundance of turtles and tropical fish swim with you.
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9. Gold Coast

You simply have to experience the Gold Coast as the ultimate in everything from party scenes to outstanding surfing. It is called the surfer’s paradise with sandy, golden beaches, annual festivals, thrilling theme parks and a great buzz. While in the area be sure to check out the world’s largest subtropical rainforest while you are there either.

10. Byron Bay

Byron Bay is always popular with backpackers and you are certain to find other solo female travellers and males too. it is a bohemian paradise and not referred to as a destination, but THE destination not to be missed. It is awesome when you want to catch a few waves and sun while also swimming with marine animals.

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There are tonnes of excellent tour companies and an abundance of hotels, hostels and accommodations to choose from. You will not have enough time to experience it all in this vast country, however, be sure to work in a couple of great beaches, the most liveable cities in the world, Steve Irwin’s legacy – the Australian Zoo and obviously the incredibly good-looking Aussie men.

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